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Casino gambling is what drives tourists in Atlantic City, although there are enough other attractions to add to an Atlantic City travel guide. Beach fun on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, which features an amusement park with rides, games and food, the Atlantic City historical museum and Atlantic City Art Center. Atlantic City offers plenty recreational activities as well, you can go swimming, tanning, fishing, or surfing on the beach at the Jersey Shore. Last, but not least, don’t forget to visit the Monopoly Monument - directly related to the world’s favorite board game!

Hereford Inlet LighthouseTed Kerwin / CC BY 2.0

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

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Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Museum, garden and gift shop

Stay Editor's Note

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a working lighthouse as well as a museum. It is open to the public for guided and self guided tours. Visitors will learn about the history of Hereford and get a glimpse of the life of a lighthouse keeper in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse also has a gift shop featuring lighthouse and nautical theme items. A Victorian park surrounds the Lighthouse and is designed with many different garden areas containing over 200 plant varieties.

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
111 North Central Avenue, Atlantic City
Visit website or call for hours and fees.