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Profile Image of Kim Ossenblok

Barista Kim

Barista Champion

Kim Ossenblok, Belgian-born living in Barcelona, Spanish Champion and 3º in the World Cup Tasting Championship 2012. Author of the most visited coffee blog in Spanish language and creator of the first online barista course.

I help professionals from the HORECA business with workshops and trainings so they can make better tasting coffee and gain more clients who love your coffee business.

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Profile Image of Alberto EatWith


EatWith Host

It all started in my house, when I spent hours and hours watching my mother kneading and preparing delicious dishes. It was then decided that I would enter the world of gastronomy: first in Galicia where I worked in simple places for travelers to discover Spanish traditions. And then I came to Barcelona to test my potential. In the city that has the best restaurants in the world, I’m looking to improve my techniques every day and invite people from all over the world to test my creations.

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Profile Image of Mayu Miller

Mayu Miller


I am a qualified sommelier specialised in family-run, authentic and unique wineries from Northern Spain.

Born in Tokyo, I have lived in London, Granada and Barcelona, where I studied Oenology and qualified as a Sommelier.

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Profile Image of Jordi Vilà

Jordi Vilà


I knew early in life that food was my calling, and I began working on my craft at Barcelona’s Baixas bakery at the young age of fifteen. Trained at the Escuela de Hostelería Joviat (Joviat Hospitality School) in Manresa, my background includes experience in the kitchens of renowned restaurants.

I opened the now nationally and internationally renowned restaurant Alkimia in 2002 and received the first Michelin star in 2005.

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Profile Image of Ida Johansson

Ida Johansson

Fashion Designer

Fashion design by Ida Johansson hallmarks innovation and high quality, stuffed with feeling and meaning. Graceful, elegant and flirty at the same time, the garments underpin an exploring interaction as the reversible shapes teases its wearers creativity.

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Profile Image of DJ Rainboy Rainboy

DJ Rainboy

DJ in Spain and Mexico

I’m a DJ with a bachelor in recording, an audio engineer, remixer and producer. I’ve produced my favorite house remixes in the Mexican Yucatan Area and Barcelona, and will take you to the best places for a great night out.

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Profile Image of Daily Records Music

Daily Records

Barcelona's Vinyl Masters

Daily Records is the best vinyl store in Barcelona, specialized in Punk Rock, Hardcore, Jamaican sounds, Soul and all kinds of cool Rock'n'Roll styles - from the past and the present.

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Profile Image of Monica Huedo

Monica Huedo


An urban spa focused on the latest trends in wellness. The blend of our organic products and the exquisite ambience of our facilities create a unique and unforgettable experience. A full range of therapies and personalized beauty treatments are available to provide health, wellness, vitality and energy.

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Profile Image of Jing Chen

Jing Chen


Both couple and architect from China-Spain & USA decided to leave office jobs in 2014 and start this passionated project. We follow the American School of brewing (hoppy and very flavourful beers) combined with Asian-American inspired food, we serve burgers and dumplings at the same time!

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Profile Image of Oscar Fuentes Loyola

Zythos Beer


A beer boutique were you can find around 100 different kind of beers from around the world, and of course from Cataluña. This nice place was founded in 2015 trying to promote the craft beer movement. You can buy and also taste delicious beers and pair them with our Zythos tapas. We also, organice events such as: Beer & Cheese, Beer & Chocolates and the new one: Local craft beers (only craft beers from cataluña).

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Profile Image of Oriol Renart

Oriol Renart


We admit it, we like beer. Good beer. Beer made with care, by great master brewers and with the finest natural ingredients. Genuine craft beers.

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Profile Image of Dalia  Lourenço

Dalia Lourenço

Video Blogger

As a video blogger for GettingCloseto.com, Dalia has been touring various locations to capture people’s stories. She wants to live in a world where everyone cares about each other’s lives, whether they live next door or on the other side of the planet. You can usually find her asking random people questions in the street and filming her travels.

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Profile Image of Yass Kalo

Andy Laboka

Segway Tour Guide

Andy is the owner of Barcelona Segway Day, a segway tour company that offers three different tours in the heart of Barcelona. He and his team show you the most interesting sights and combine this with cruising through Barcelona’s narrow street.

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Profile Image of Cristina Drafta

Cristina Drafta


I am an addicted photographer, and a traveler passionate about the world. I write for Argophilia and other travel sites, and I like to use Stay.com to plan my trips. Hopefully, you can use my guides to plan yours too.

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Profile Image of Txell Costa

Txell Costa

Marketing Expert

Txell is the founder of a marketing communications agency in Barcelona. She studied journalism, worked for local radio stations and switched to consultancy later in her career. She is an avid traveler, and loves exploring her city’s best places to work.

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Profile Image of Silvia Garcia Presas

Silvia Garcia Presas

Fashion Designer

Silvia is the head designer of The Avant. She was born in Barcelona but she lived in London for several years, while she studied at Royal College of Art. As a designer, she likes to wear women looking for a certain timelessness in the garments.

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Profile Image of Nuria Roura

Nuria Roura

Health Coach

I am a Barcelona based Health Coach. I focus on three key areas when working with clients: Health + Energy + Nutrition.

It is all about having energy, keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet, eating without guilt and feeling good inside and out.

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Profile Image of Carlos Caballero

Carlos Cabellero

Entertainment Entrepreneur

Successful entertainment entrepreneur from Barcelona. Founder of the Carlitosgroup, with more than 10 establishments running. Vice-president of the Bars, Restaurants and Entertainment Association in Barcelona, vice-president of the International Nightlife Association.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wi-Fi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of TipZity Travel


Tour Guides

Tipzity shares the love and passion for Barcelona with the world, giving the best tips and providing services in all different kind of sectors like sightseeing, art and design, rentals, transfers, shopping, nightlife, dining, local professionals and lifestyle. Everything you need in Barcelona, Tipzity has a tailor made solution for you.

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Profile Image of Vesping Barcelona


Vespa GPS Tours

We love Barcelona and we love Vespas! Get one of our Vespas and o your own GPS tour in Barcelona. Have fun!

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Profile Image of Monika Harbort

Monika Harbort


She studied design in Bremen (Technical college for creative trade) and in 1987 she moved to Barcelona (Spain). Right from the beginning she designed and tailored for leather companies and for film and theater.

In 2002 she opened her shop in the neighborhood of Gracia “Harbort Leather Design”. Leather captivated her from the very first contact, its aroma, touch and appearance. For over 30 years, leather has meant a continual challenge to her.

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Profile Image of 080 Barcelona Fashion

080 Barcelona

Barcelona Fashion Week

080 Barcelona Fashion collects the best trends, young fashion designers and great brands.

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Profile Image of Elizabeth Mas

Elizabeth Mas

Model and fashion jet setter

I’m a Spanish model, shopaholic, fashion jet setter and New York blogger! I have always travelled, everywhere. When I’m not traveling, I live between New York City and Barcelona.

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Profile Image of Javier Castán

Javier Castán


I’m a photographer from Barcelona. I consider myself some sort of multifaceted guy that tries to do at least one thing well. I usually waste my time taking photos, writing and working in advertising.

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Profile Image of Film Guy Stay Editor

Stay Editors

The best movie, music and book spots

And… action!

Your Stay.com editors take you to the best spots from the movies and books. Get the guide and visit the best film and literature locations, all over the world.

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Profile Image of Jordi Chicletol

Jordi Chicletol

DJ and Photographer

I’m a DJ, photographer, designer and stylist from Barcelona.

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Profile Image of Antiques & Boutiques Personal Shopping

Antiques & Boutiques

Personal Shoppers

We are Lisa Richardson and Niki Robinson, two freelance fashion designers who moved to Barcelona from London and Milan 6 years ago. Join us on our shopping tours and have a brilliant day!

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Profile Image of Rudy van den Berg


Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Freelance makeup artist, based in Barcelona and Amsterdam, working with celebrities, agencies and magazines.

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