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The city that got the ultimate makeover

Beijing is not the city it once was. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing depends entirely on your point of view. Well over a million people have been evicted from their homes to make way for the capital’s astonishingly rapid development, but the result is a more sophisticated, more worldly and more tolerant city. Groundbreaking architecture, plush five star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants now rub shoulders with relics of the city’s past, be they street hawkers, traditional neighborhoods or UNESCO World Heritage sights.

NightclubMoyan Brenn / CC BY 2.0


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The bar with good connections - and a fun crowd

Stay Editor's Note

The people’s hero, ChinaDoll continues to pull in the punters despite courting controversy on a number of occasions. A colourful mishmash of Chinese modern art sculptures, raunchy photos, chichi chandeliers and faux leather seats, clubbers go for the reasonably priced drinks and party atmosphere.

Once this place gets going it’s hard to beat. They frequently have live shows, as well, which charge at the door, but are well worth checking out.

33 Sanlitun Bei Lu, Beijing, Beijing
86 (0)10 8776 6271
Open 6pm-late daily