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Kristen Lum

Founder of LumDimSum

I originally came to Beijing as a student in 2006 and within just two years, I was planning weddings, restaurant/club/lounge openings, fashion shows, and managing the PR, Marketing and Media for Beijing’s top nightlife and dining destinations. I now have my own lifestyle blog called LumDimSum that covers restaurant news and reviews alongside events for creative industries like art, music, film, health and fitness, fashion, nightlife, charity events, and travel tips!

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Yvonne Horst

Expat in Beijing

In August 2010 I moved to China for half a year, planning to come back somewhere in March of 2011. That didn’t happen. I still live and work in China.

I share travel information about China as well as other countries on my website, I give tips on how to find a teaching job, share my thoughts on places I’ve slept and give budget tips.

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Cultural Keys

Tour Guides

Cultural Keys provides professional corporate and tourism services in Beijing and aims to help clients experience life and culture here through business, travel and educational experiences.

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Profile Image of Jeff Yiu

Jeff Yiu


I am a photographer currently based in Beijing, working with fashion and portraiture. Originally from Hong Kong and after living in Sydney, I decided to move to Beijing to explore the history and culture that I had never spent time to appreciate whilst growing up.

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Nels Frye

Founder of Stylites.net

In over a decade based mostly in Beijing and sometimes in Shanghai, Nels Frye has been a consultant at Kamsky Associates Inc., Editor-in-Chief of LifeStyle Magazine, and a freelance photographer and writer. He gained international and local recognition for the street style blog stylites.net, a valuable record of the looks and attitudes of Beijingers in the start of the 21st Century. He also conducts styling workshops.

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Profile Image of Delia Gavrilescu

Delia Gavrilescu

Travel Writer

I am passionate about everything travel, and I write on hospitality topics, travel resources, announcements, awards and much more for Argophilia Travel News. I am happy to share my travel experiences and favorites with you on Stay.com.

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Cristina Drafta


I am an addicted photographer, and a traveler passionate about the world. I write for Argophilia and other travel sites, and I like to use Stay.com to plan my trips. Hopefully, you can use my guides to plan yours too.

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Active Holidays in Beijing

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

Ecological attractions, tours and more. Forget the spas, golf resorts and yoga centers, Beijing is surrounded by so much breathtaking nature, that it would be a pity not to enjoy it at its fullest. Gorgeous nature parks and hiking trails surround the city, and the famed Great Wall of China is always a challenging sight.

  1. Nanshan Ski Village 20-JAN-2008 +Add

    Nanshan Ski Village

    Ski resort located not too far from Beijing
  2. Whitewater Slalom 2008 Olympics 2 +Add

    Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park

    Rowing park created in 2007 for the 2008 Olympics
  3. Lijiang Old Town - Black Dragon Pool +Add

    Black Dragon Pool Scenic Spot

    Grade 3A scenic spot
  4. lake +Add

    Yanqi Lake

    Swans, limpid waters and gorgeous landscapes
  5. The Great Wall of China +Add

    Badaling Remnant Great Wall

    The only section of the remnant Great Wall that has been authorized ...
  6. Apricot Blossom of Beijing Beigong National Forest Park +Add

    Beigong Forest Park

    Scenic national park is great for hiking and picnics
  7. "The Great Wall of China" - 长城 +Add

    Beijing: Wild Great Wall Trip

    Alternative tour service provides an authentic Chinese experience
  8. Koh Nang Yuan +Add

    Tao Yuan Xian Valley Natural Scenic Spot

    A spot of nature at the edge of Beijing.
  9. Jingdongdaxiagu +Add

    Jingdong Canyon Scenic Area

    Scenic area near mountains, caves, and a canyon
  10. View of  Beijing Sideways +Add

    Beijing Sideways

    See the city in a sidecar.
  11. Red lanterns over doorway +Add

    Chuan Dixia Village

    Historic village, with beautiful Chinese houses
  12. Beijing shopping +Add

    Beijing Shopping Tour (Beijing Impression Company)

    Shopping in the best districts
  13. China-6417 - A branch in the Great Wall +Add

    The Great Wall Hiking - The Great Wall Adventure ...

    Unique hiking tours of the historic Great Wall of China
  14. Motor bike and side car +Add

    Side-car Motorcycles Trips - Beijing Sideways

    Exciting motorcycle tours of Beijing attractions from a side car
  15. The City in Autumn +Add

    Chaoyang Park

    Beijing's largest park boasts many athletic activities and attractions
  16. Bicycles, Beijing +Add

    Bike Beijing - Bicycle Kingdom Tours

    Tour Beijing's attractions from the convenience of a bicycle
  17. Tuanjiehu Park +Add

    Tuanjiehu Park

    Modern park features swimming pool and other activities
  18. Lotus blossom +Add

    Hong Ling Jin Park

    Modern park just outside the city with many activities
  19. IMGP1731.JPG +Add

    Longqing Gorge

    Beautiful scenic park with mountains and a river
  20. Lake in the Olympic Forest Park (3706207244) +Add

    Olympic Forest Park

    Large park built to accommodate the 2008 Olympic Games
  21. 后海 +Add

    Houhai Lake

    A breath of fresh air
  22. Lake Rietplas +Add

    Jinhai Lake

    A lake of gold
  23. scenic +Add

    Longqing Valley Scenic Area

    Scenic spot includes reservoir and three grand gorges
  24. Nan Haizi Milu Park Marshes +Add

    Milu Yuan (Milu Park)

    Ecological research center is home to several endangered species
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Stay Editors

Yours truly. Stay.com editors pick great places in all the cities featured on Stay.com in order to create marvellous travel guides for you. Get inspired, and start creating your own travel guide!