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Profile Image of Chefparade Cooking School

Chefparade Budapest

Cooking School

We’re a contemporary cosmopolitan cooking studio where you can master the basics of Hungarian cuisine in a fun and interactive atmosphere. Our hands-on courses give you the opportunity to cook together with the local chefs, learn about the essential ingredients and spices, like paprika, pepper, bay leaves etc. After the lesson you’ll be able to treat your family and friends back home with a fantastic Hungarian dinner.

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Profile Image of Budapest Pride

Budapest Pride

Hungary's LGBTQ Festival

We’re the organizers of the Budapest Pride Festival, a week-long summer festival of diverse cultural and social activities for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LMBTQ) community, as well as the Budapest Pride LGBTQ Film Festival this autumn.

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Profile Image of Noémi Szilagyi

Noémi Szilagyi

Tour Guide

I have been travelling around the world in the past years but I had to realize: there is no place like home. I am back now in my hometown, Budapest, and I am constantly amazed by the transformation it’s gone through. It is now really the Paris of Eastern Europe, and I am very proud of being able to represent it.

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Profile Image of Mihaela Butler


Eastern Europe. Breathtaking.

Argophilia is for people with a passion for travel, for people who love travel above everything else, and especially, for people who like going off-the-beaten path to discover lesser known destinations.

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Profile Image of Imre Takacs

Imre Takacs

Restaurant Owner

I’m a real traveler, mostly for profession and lately for pleasure. I’m from the countryside of Hungary and after a short Hotel experience, I joined the culinary teams on board of great cruise liners. After that I founded Spinoza Café and Theater, and recently the Eiffel Bistro & Bar.

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Profile Image of Ryan Phillips

Ryan Phillips

Personal Trainer

Ryan Phillips is widely recognised as a leading expert on health and fitness and specialises in fat loss, resistance training (RTS - Resistance Training Specialist) and sports injuries (MAT - Muscle Activation Techniques). During his 11 years as a freelance Personal Trainer Ryan has personally helped hundreds of clients to lose weight, transform their bodies and regain control of their health and wellbeing.

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Profile Image of Dora Szkuklik

Dora Szkuklik

History Expert

I’m working in Budapest as a museum exhibition guide. I also participated in a contemporary art exhibition.

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Profile Image of Kolor Projekt

Kolor Projekt


Kolor is a 1000m2, fresh, new restaurant, bar, club, event venue and cultural center in the very epicenter of Budapest (Hungary), at the entrance of the booming Gozsdu Court. We are currently the most talked about place in downtown Budapest.

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Profile Image of BudaBike Tours


Bike Tours

We offer bike tours in Budapest and surroundings. Our mission is “Health, Fitness and Authentic Experiences”. Join us and experience the best of Budapest on a bike!

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Profile Image of Mihaela Lica

Mihaela Lica Butler

Food Writer

I love good food and good family fun. I recently published my first book ‘Garden Super Hero Tales’, the 1st volume in a series of 10 that will set the stage for 100 different veggies, herbs and fruit, to show their true super powers for a healthy diet. The books - available on Amazon.com - are inspired by my son, Paul-Jules, who is the main hero of the stories. I also share my cooking experiences with young mothers on Fusion Mom, and I’m sharing the best family experiences on Stay.com.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wifi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of Street Fashion Budapest

Street Fashion Budapest

Street Style Blog

We’re Street Fashion Budapest, a great street style blog from Hungary. Follow us for the best articles about fashion in and around Budapest.

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Profile Image of Pink Flower Love .

Pink Flower Love

Designer and Blogger

…with a crazy heart but clear mind. Constantly searching for new and inspiring things, places, flowers, clothes, food, music, vintage stuff, people, art, architecture and everything in between. If I find inspiration, I blog about it. If I’m busy, I work as a freelance designer in fashion and interior projects.

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Profile Image of Lili Herczeg

Lily Herczeg

Health Coach

My name is Lili Herczeg. I am a Holistic Health Coach, Energy Healer, personal and pilates trainer, and a busy mom with 4 kids as well. I love helping people - especially for busy mums - who are new to conscious-living and still riding the wave of emotional and healthy habits highs and lows to find a balanced level of joy, happiness and love.

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