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Though machos do little to hide their favoured pastimes – meat, football, women and wine, in that order – don’t think BA is one-dimensional. If New York is the zany, witty and instantly-likeable classmate, Buenos Aires is the unkempt, smouldering quiet type that may take a while to fathom, but will lead to an exhilarating love affair. Packed-past-midnight restaurants, non-aggressive bars, architectural delicacies, tango lunacy and a smattering of culture. What’s not to like?

Cisne Negro - TemaikenSergio Aguirre / CC BY 2.0

Parque Temaiken

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Parque Temaiken

Beautiful landscaping and Zoo

Stay Editor's Note

Parque Temaiken is an immense wildlife refuge where visitors enjoy white tigers, pumas and other rare animals including over 1,500 types of birds.

The park attempts to recreate the natural habitats of the resident animals, and these habitats are divided into the various zones; Africa, Asia, South America, and so on.

Temaiken remains one of Buenos Aires' most popular attractions even though the park is outside the city in nearby Belén de Escobar. Make no mistake about it, Temaiken is a must see for the whole family.

Parque Temaiken
Ruta Provincial 25 1625, Escobar, Buenos Aires
+54 348 843-6900