Chicago Skyline

A city of superlatives

Chicago has been called the “most American city” for its dizzying melting pot of cultures and its can-do attitude. It has been called the “world capital of modern architecture”, having been given a second chance to build stunning structures after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Its politicians through the decades have been pegged as “colourful”, which in some cases was a gentler word for “corrupt”. Lately Chicago has been singled out as the hottest restaurant city in the United States, and one of the world’s greatest dining destinations. That claim was superceded most recently when Chicago became the unofficial centre of the political world as Chicagoan Barack Obama delivered his presidential victory speech in Grant Park. It is an exciting time to visit Chicago, no matter where your interest lies.

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Top Highlights in Chicago

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American Girl Place
Everything little girls dreamed of in a doll store
Art Institute of Chicago - the new wing.
Established museum of classic and modern art
Bahá'í House of Worship
Domed temple in Chicago’s northern suburbs
Chicago Botanic Garden
Renowned garden with varied botanical environments
Field Museum of Natural History
Science and technology playground
Giordano's Pizza
The world's most famous stuffed pizza
Hot Doug's
Creative and classic hot dogs for everyone
Millennium Park
Better late than never
Museum of Contemporary Art, courtesy Robert Maihofer
Modern and futuristic ideas abound
Navy Pier
Touristy but terrific
Robie House
Architectural masterpiece designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for...
Shedd Aquarium
Lakefront marine reserve
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