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Profile Image of Vishnus Couch

Vishnu's Couch

Yoga Teachers

Everyone can do yoga! We’ve been teaching for almost 10 years at Lord Vishnu’s Couch. Our style is called vinyasa yoga, and combines dynamic, flowing movements with calm and conscious breathing. Power and silence, poetry and philosophy, joy and humor all belong to us.

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Profile Image of Marion Schmidt

Marion Schmidt

Gluten-Free Blogger

Marion Schmidt has settled in Cologne after living outside of Europe for a large part of her life. She shares recipes (in English) on her blog and documents her adventures eating out as a gluten-free vegetarian (in German) on her website, http://foodgasm.me. She is a representative of the German Celiac Society for the Greater Cologne Area and an administrator of the largest German Facebook-group for people with celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity, Zöliakie Austausch.

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Profile Image of La Paz Streetwear

La Paz

Fashion Experts

Our streetwear and content celebrate the pleasures of discovering new places, meeting new people and changing perspectives. If you share the same passion, La Paz is your means to express it. Traveling has always been the one thing that made us win the fight against the snooze-button in the morning. Going back and forth, we finally put together a tiny company called La Paz.

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Profile Image of Heidrun Lingemann

Heidrun Lingemann

Food Expert

I work for Estella: the authentic shop for chefs and food enthusiasts. At Estella you will find ingredients from the Mediterranean, as well as high quality kitchen utensils.

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Profile Image of Delia Gavrilescu

Delia Gavrilescu

Travel Writer

I am passionate about everything travel, and I write on hospitality topics, travel resources, announcements, awards and much more for Argophilia Travel News. I am happy to share my travel experiences and favorites with you on Stay.com.

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Profile Image of Cristina Drafta

Cristina Drafta


I am an addicted photographer, and a traveler passionate about the world. I write for Argophilia and other travel sites, and I like to use Stay.com to plan my trips. Hopefully, you can use my guides to plan yours too.

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Profile Image of Catharina Hehr

Catharina Hehr

Lifestyle Writer

Originally from Stuttgart, but living in Cologne, Catharina is the founder of the successful website Lashout. She writes about all things fashion, design, beauty and food.

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Profile Image of Robert Helming

Robert Helming

Coffee Roaster

As a cameraman, photographer and steadicam operator for more than twenty years, I love living and working in Cologne. My passion for coffee was always there and turned into some sort of an addiction when I attended the first coffee and barista workshops. Raised in a family of engineers, I finally decided to learn the handcraft of coffee roasting and I was more than lucky to find my place at Van Dyck’s to share their passion for quality, style and the hunt for the perfect espresso.

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Profile Image of ArtyFarty Artspace



ArtyFarty is a gallery for contemporary, urban art. The gallery produces diverse collaborations, exhibitions and limited art products from associated artists and collectives. The artspace also functions as a bar, with live DJs a good drinks.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wifi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of Marcus Kalz

Marcus Kalz

Personal Trainer

I studied Sports Science and participated in the national basketball and athletics competitions. Now, I’m a personal trainer and I love helping people on their paths to a healthier, stronger body.

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Profile Image of Matthias Ludwigs

Matthias Ludwigs


Matthias Ludwigs is the co-owner and creative mind of the numerously awarded French patisserie TörtchenTörtchen with branches in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Besides being “Patissier of the Year 2009” he is author of several recipe books for baking and desserts and he regularly appears in TV and radio shows.

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Profile Image of Marie Lene Weyer

Marie Lene Weyer

Fashion Boutique Owner

I was born in Cologne and made a few detours to Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Now, I am finally back in what feels like the warmest city in Germany for me: Cologne. Here is where I meet colorful people every day.

Since completing my education as a fashion journalist, I have been building Mand & Kvinde, together with my business partner Gina. It’s a boutique for men and women, situated in Kwartier Latäng.

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Profile Image of Korinna Zeis

Golden Cage

Fashion Blogger

I was born in Thüringen, East Germany. After my graduation, I moved to the city of my heart: Cologne♥. This is where I still live, together with my family. I work as a fashion blogger, stylist and personal shopper.

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Profile Image of Johannes and Thomas

Johannes and Thomas

Gallery Owners

Johannes Schilling and Thomas Weber run the Galerie Boisserée art gallery in Cologne, Germany. Johannes is an antique graphics and book expert, and studied Art History, Archaeology and Sociology. Thomas has a master’s degree in Business Administration and Art History. They teamed up in 1998 and still run the gallery and its exhibitions together.

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