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Any Dallas - Ft. Worth travel guide will have a tough time reflecting the diverse character this metroplex represents. Dallas shows off its glitter atmosphere characterized by America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys on the one hand, while Ft. Worth offers an almost pokey and laid back personality on the other. Despite their differences, North Texas' largest cities reward visitors with a ten gallon hat full of things to do and see.


Exhale Spa

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Exhale Spa

More than a spa, a wellbeing center

Stay Editor's Note

Set on the five acre enclave in the fabulous Hotel Palomar, the Exhale Spa is more than just a day spa pampering session. The 10,000 square foot venue is dedicated to wellbeing. Facials to acupuncture, expect only the best here. Whether its healing or maintenance you seek, there’s a program for it here.

The spa offers courses in yoga, Core Energy Flow®, Core Fusion® toning classes, fitness, pool and wellbeing services, not only to guests of the hotel, but local clients as well. Be sure and call ahead so you can enjoy an uninterrupted session of relaxation and wellness during your visit to Dallas.

Exhale Spa
5300 East Mockingbird Lane Dallas, Dallas
01 214 370 5800
Call for appointment and hours