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Any Dallas - Ft. Worth travel guide will have a tough time reflecting the diverse character this metroplex represents. Dallas shows off its glitter atmosphere characterized by America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys on the one hand, while Ft. Worth offers an almost pokey and laid back personality on the other. Despite their differences, North Texas' largest cities reward visitors with a ten gallon hat full of things to do and see.

hairBetsy Jons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Johnny Rodriguez the Salon

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Johnny Rodriguez the Salon

A simple wash and dry pampering

Stay Editor's Note

Johnny Rodriguez the Salon is one of those places anyone who cares about hairstyle has to visit while in Dallas. This blow dry bar is a simple, yet indispensable treat for weary feet and hair. Rodriguez unmistakable style and charisma are evident here. Treat yourself.

Drop by the Inwood Village Shopping Center, and get in line for a hair wash and dry you won’t soon forget. If the meticulous and expert service don’t stick in your mind, the prices for simple beauty will. Expect to pay upwards of $50 for this little pleasure.

Johnny Rodriguez the Salon
5450 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 229 Dallas, Dallas
+1 469 656 4730
Call for hours or to make an appointment