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Any Dallas - Ft. Worth travel guide will have a tough time reflecting the diverse character this metroplex represents. Dallas shows off its glitter atmosphere characterized by America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys on the one hand, while Ft. Worth offers an almost pokey and laid back personality on the other. Despite their differences, North Texas' largest cities reward visitors with a ten gallon hat full of things to do and see.

TBarM Racquet Club

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TBarM Racquet Club

Just about everything a sportsman needs

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TBarM Racquet Club is North Texas' premier tennis club, which plays host to the Challenger of Dallas, one of the ATP/USTA Pro Circuit’s top tournaments. A myriad of court choices from indoor to clay, and a vast array of other amenities, make this an athlete’s paradise, especially the tennis player.

Fine dining, swimming, a fitness center,, a basketball court, a pool, running track, just about any service an athletic club should have the TBarM Racquet Club has in multiples. Grab a massage or relax with after event cocktails, there’s no shortage of sports pampering here.

TBarM Racquet Club
6060 Dilbeck Ln, Dallas, Dallas
+1 972 233 4444
Mon - Thurs 7 Am until 10 Pm, Fri 7 - 8 Pm, Sat & Sun 7 until 5:30 Pm