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Any Dallas - Ft. Worth travel guide will have a tough time reflecting the diverse character this metroplex represents. Dallas shows off its glitter atmosphere characterized by America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys on the one hand, while Ft. Worth offers an almost pokey and laid back personality on the other. Despite their differences, North Texas' largest cities reward visitors with a ten gallon hat full of things to do and see.

Whitecaps vs FC DallasMatt Boulton / CC BY-SA 2.0

Dallas Athletic Club

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Dallas Athletic Club

A double dose of Texas hospitality

Stay Editor's Note

Dallas Athletic Club is the premier golf and private club experience in the city. Established in 1919, the club was once at the center of Dallas' business district. Now the manicured greens and state of the art fitness and wellness center offers an unparalleled atmosphere for exclusive enjoyment.

The club is private by invitation only, so you may have to pull some strings to enjoy the course or other amenities, but any opportunity to play the links and dine at the extraordinary restaurant here should be seized. Expect the best of everything with a double dose of Texas hospitality.

Dallas Athletic Club
4111 Dallas Athletic Club Drive Dallas, Dallas
+1 972 279 3671
By appointment only