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In June 2009 Dresden lost its UNESCO World Heritage Site status – the city’s new four-lane Waldschlösschenbrücke Bridge across the river Elbe is a blot on the unique scenery of the valley. For Dresden this might have a detrimental effect on the area’s tourism, although nothing has actually been lost: The Frauenkirche still stands in its glorious beauty to remind of the allied bombing in 1944 when over 30000 people lost their lives; the Royal mews, the Semper Opera House and the Swinger Palace also maintain their unique beauty untainted. And you will have a lot more to discover with!

Image from Prager Strasse.of Wikipedia. / CC BY-SA 3.0

Prager Strasse

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Prager Strasse

Shopping in Dresden

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Connecting the main railway station with the city center, Prager Strasse is the borderline between traditional buildings and the prefabricated blocks of flats.

Prager Strasse is a good choice to take a walk, or do some shopping. From place to place, a cozy little cafe will lure you in, for a cup of tea and an apple strudel.

Prager Strasse
Prager Strasse, Dresden