Edinburgh hill

Edinburgh – a thousand years of history

It hosts the world’s biggest arts festival, has a dramatic medieval castle on its main street; can draw on a literary tradition ranging from Burns and Stevenson to Rankin and Rowling; its restaurant scene has both variety and quality, and the Queen is in residence here every summer. Edinburgh also offers fantastic museums, galleries, pubs, interesting shops and some seriously classy hotels. Welcome to the capital of Scotland.

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Top Highlights in Edinburgh

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Inside Camera Obscura
A victoria optical illusion
 Edinburgh Castle
A great national symbol in Scotland
Mortonhall Golf Club
Health & Beauty
One of Scotland's best
Our Dynamic Earth
A prominent visitors attraction in the city
Dawyck Botanic Gardens, offshoot of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh
World-renowned scientific centre for the study of plants, their...
The Royal Mile with the Bank Hotel.
The most famous street in Edinburgh
Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Art Gallery
The first purpose-built portrait gallery in the world
The Museum of Edinburgh - Huntly House
Edinburgh over the last 2000 years
Wee Red Bar
A wee, and a red bar with big tunes
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