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Profile Image of YaDa Chef

YaDa Chef


We’re an all natural/organic personal chef and catering company. Owned and operated by Chef Joseph Yacino and Bryan Daniel, YaDa Chef strives to make clients feel good about what they eat. YaDa is the combination of two surnames, Daniel and Yacino. We also like to think of it as a double positive meaning “yes, yes chef”.“All of our food is 100% natural organic, fresh, and homemade. Never prepackaged, and never frozen.

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Profile Image of Michael Parish

Michael Parrish

Athlete & Entrepreneur

I traveled the world all my life, in search of new adventures. There’s no greater joy in life than discovering new places, and learning about their people and cultures. I am glad to share some of my experiences with other travelers using Stay.com to plan their trips.

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Profile Image of Danielle Perry

Danielle Perry

Fine Artist & Private Yacht Chef

I have been living and working as private yacht chef and fine artist in this tropical and nautical paradise for 16 yrs. Art and food are an expression of my creativity and the yacht industry satisfies my passion for travel and adventure. Visit my website to see how Florida and its proximity to the Caribbean, along with my extensive luxury yacht travels, have impacted my paintings and lifestyle.

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Profile Image of Kesi Case

Kesi Case

Fashion Designer and Philanthropist

Kesi Case was born in Toronto, but spent most of her childhood being raised in Kingston, Jamaica. As a child she grew up admiring materials and creating looks for herself and others using various items in her closet. This passion continued into adulthood.

Kesi’s collections are inspired by her experiences in life and her fashion line focuses on everything from ready-to-wear, bridal, swimwear and an entire men’s line of clothing and accessories.

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Profile Image of Frances Herrera

Frances Herrara

Interior Designer

Acclaimed for her “livable luxury” design principles, Frances Herrera has quickly become one of the top approachable and coveted interior designers. She established her boutique design firm in New York City in 2002, and in 2012 relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Whether designing a modern, contemporary or traditional space, her philosophy remains the same: to create comfortable, livable rooms with an under stated, sophisticated edge.

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Profile Image of Amanda Jane

Seasonally Jane

Food Writer

Hi, I’m Jane, welcome to my happy place. My blog is a creative space where I share my love of seasonally inspired cooking. My recipes focus on using local produce and organic ingredients to create clean satisfying recipes to fill dinner plates, salad bowls, snack bags, dessert trays, and cocktail glasses. These recipes are influenced by traditional meals, inspired by festivity, driven by creativeness.

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Profile Image of Dana Podgurski

Dana Podgurski

Social Media Manager

Dana’s passions include hockey, fashion, and pushing her boundaries. She funds her adventures and pays the bills by doing what she loves - writing. More can be found on her blog.

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