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Profile Image of Jan Kocovski

Jan Kocovski


Jan is an advertising photographer, born and raised in Frankfurt. Even when he is traveling the whole world, he loves to coming back to Frankfurt, the place he calls home. When not shooting, you can find Jan either on his Harley or in nature with his dog Mr. Newton.

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Profile Image of Coco Lores Fashion

Coco Lores

Fashion Designers

The three designers Claudia Frick, Iris Becker and Olivia Dahlem design and create their own fashion line. Coco Lores does not submit to the dictates of current fashion, but has comitted itself to bring out the feminine and glamorous side of its customers in fashion for the workplace. “Büro Couture” is a business line for presentations, meetings etcetera, which brings quality and individuality to the office.

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Profile Image of Rachel Dodoo-Mehl

Rachel Dodoo-Mehl

Personal Trainer

I am an Australian health professional who loves outdoor workouts and enjoys increasing the strength and mobility of others. I am passionate about all things to do with nature, good food and healthy living.

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Profile Image of Marco Giovanni Zanetti

Wine Punk

Wine Punk

Marco Giovanni Zanetti, known as the Wine Punk is Frankfurt’s craziest sommelier. He served for many years in the local and international Upper class Restaurant Movement. Now he’s a winemaker, wine writer and wine traveler. He knows the right wine geek spots for every wallet in Frankfurt! Enjoying wine the right way is not luxury, it is a state of mind!

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Profile Image of Delia Gavrilescu

Delia Gavrilescu

Travel Writer

I am passionate about everything travel, and I write on hospitality topics, travel resources, announcements, awards and much more for Argophilia Travel News. I am happy to share my travel experiences and favorites with you on Stay.com.

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Profile Image of Julie's Barbershop



Julie’s Barbershop is a hair salon and barber shop in the heart of Frankfurt. Offering treatments for both men and women, Julie’s is the place to get a new haircut, a shave, coloring or just a relaxing head massage.

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Profile Image of Bernhard Knaus

Bernhard Knaus

Art Gallery Owner

Bernhard Knaus founded Bernhard Knaus Fine Art in 1996, and initially focused on publishing photo, video and graphic editions of contemporary international artists. The Frankfurt gallery was opened in 2007 and currently represents 12 artists from Germany and abroad, and curates six exhibitions annually. In the last couple of years they have expanded their focal point to including various stances, spanning from abstract to representational.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wifi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of Dennys Carrere da Silveira

Dennys Carrere

Yoga Teacher

My name is Dennys Carrere and I am a certified yoga teacher who is bringing the Yoga Lifestyle to people around the globe. I have lived and studied in many countries around the world, places like Brazil, Italy, Germany, India, China, New Zealand, USA and the UK, and I now call Frankfurt home.

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Profile Image of Deepti Agarwal

Deepti Agarwal

Indian Chef

Deepti is an Indian lady with a great passion for cooking. She started her cooking career in their family kitchen in India, and took different food courses in her home country. After coming to Germany, she realised there was a need for a place where people can learn how to prepare authentic Indian food, and soon after that she founded Cook Curry.

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Profile Image of Catherine Heinrich

Catherine Heinrich

French Cafe / Shop Owner

Catherine is the owner of K'tie’s, a lovely French café and shop in Frankfurt. She’s passionate about making delicious French cakes, serving high quality coffee and selecting the best collection of home interior items and kitchenware.

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Profile Image of DJ Kitsune

DJ Kitsune


Within the 15 years of his career in the music industry, DJ Kitsune has turned from a music lover to one the most influential djs in the European urban music scene.

His influence and musical guidance have helped the careers of many European artists and created a worldwide attention span.

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Profile Image of Bitter & Zart Chocolates

Bitter & Zart

Chocolate Shop

A feast for the senses awaits the customers in the magical chocolate shop Bitter & Zart. In the store you’ll find a high-quality selection of handmade pralines and truffles. You can also choose from many milk or dark chocolate bars. We also have a large selection of candy, delicious chocolate creams or fruit jellies. All these sweet delights come from the hands of the best European manufacturers.

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