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Scandinavia's busiest port

It may be a busy port, but Gothenburg has much more to offer than traditional water-related attractions. It’s inexpensive, compared to other destinations in Sweden, and more fun than you’d expect: there are over 60,000 students at the Gothenburg University, so you can expect a young atmosphere everywhere you go. Add to your Gothenburg travel guide Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, or, if you’d like to experience the city’s heritage first hand, don’t miss Skansen Kronan and Haga, with its picturesque wooden houses from the 19th century.

Eriksberg ShipyardWikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0
Eriksberg ShipyardWikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Eriksberg Shipyard

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Eriksberg Shipyard

Rebuilt Shipyard with Bungee Jump and Museum

Stay Editor's Note

Eriksberg is an old shipyard that has undergone renovation and is now a bustling commercial area. The former buildings found in the old Eriksberg Shipyard have been remodelled and have now been transformed into a hotel.

Eriksberg Shipyard’s gantry crane has a height of 84 meters above sea level, and provides an excellent view of the harbour. Ericksberg also has bungee jumping facilities for adventurous folks.

If you have a keen interest in naval history, a visit to the East India Company building site for the Göthenborg ship is highly recommended. You can also find a number of good restaurants and cafes at the Eriksberg Shipyard.

Eriksberg Shipyard
Eriksberg, Gothenburg
+46 31 779 1111
10AM to 6PM