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Scandinavia's busiest port

It may be a busy port, but Gothenburg has much more to offer than traditional water-related attractions. It’s inexpensive, compared to other destinations in Sweden, and more fun than you’d expect: there are over 60,000 students at the Gothenburg University, so you can expect a young atmosphere everywhere you go. Add to your Gothenburg travel guide Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, or, if you’d like to experience the city’s heritage first hand, don’t miss Skansen Kronan and Haga, with its picturesque wooden houses from the 19th century.

Vinyl spinningJosé Carlos Casimiro / CC BY-SA 2.0


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All your musical dreams

Stay Editor's Note

Skivhugget is a music store in Gothenburg that specializes in classic records. It is comprised of three floors and sells music records of all kinds such as jazz, electronica, country, R&B, classical, indie, mainstream, pop, hip-hop and rock and roll.

Skivhugget’s collection is the largest in all of Europe, and anything that you won’t be able to find here can be ordered. Compared to other similar stores in the city, the prices here are also to unbeatable and only matched in affordability by Bengans.

Aside from music records Skivhugget also sells popular films and games. The store also maintains a website should you wish to make a purchase online.

Andra Långgatan 35, Gothenburg
+46 31 704 7741
10:00AM to 7:00PM