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Profile Image of Mario and Ksenia


Fashion Bloggers

Hamburg’s got style. We know it and we want to show it to the rest of the world. FashionJunk documents the streetstyle of Germany’s most beautiful city. We want want to display what Hamburgers wear, where they got their rags and…in general that the city is shit HOT.

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Profile Image of Gerald Zogbaum

Gerald Zogbaum


Head Chef at Küchenwerkstatt, Gerald Zogbaum is a produce fanatic, and gives high priority to making all components of a set menu himself. Therefore, homemade pralines are just as special as home-baked bread. The seasons are the main inspiration for Zogbaum’s cuisine. As he says, you can “really taste the seasons in my dishes.” Together with Angela Gnade they form a true gastronomy couple, often embarking on culinary voyages both at home and abroad.

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Profile Image of Rob and Stephens

Rob & Stephen's little cake Co.


We’re Rob and Stephen, the owners of the best bakery in Hamburg.

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Profile Image of Annika Sterling

Annika Sterling

Yoga Teacher & Writer

I love to teach yoga, to write and inspire, eat tasty and healthy foods, and enjoy nature with my two kids and my husband.

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Profile Image of Lina & Friederike Glück und Selig

Lina & Friederike

Cafe Owners

We had always dreamed of having own cafe in Hamburg, and we realised that dream when we opened Glück and Selig. It’s our happy place; a place where everyone can feel happy and blessed.

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Profile Image of Delia Gavrilescu

Delia Gavrilescu

Travel Writer

I am passionate about everything travel, and I write on hospitality topics, travel resources, announcements, awards and much more for Argophilia Travel News. I am happy to share my travel experiences and favorites with you on Stay.com.

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Profile Image of Cristina Drafta

Cristina Drafta


I am an addicted photographer, and a traveler passionate about the world. I write for Argophilia and other travel sites, and I like to use Stay.com to plan my trips. Hopefully, you can use my guides to plan yours too.

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Profile Image of Jan Gudberg



As a Hamburg-based publishing house, design studio and gallery we design and publish in the fields of art, design, photography, illustration and architecture.

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Profile Image of HH City Cycles

HH City Cycles

Bike Tours

Lars left Hamburg to study Landscape Planning in Berlin. Later on, he worked and traveled all around the world. He realized what a strong impression Hamburg had left on him and returned with a newfound appreciation for his hometown.

Combining this with a passion for biking, he hopes to offer the chance to get acquainted with this beautiful city in a unique way - that just so happens to be the ideal way - to experience the heart of Hamburg!

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Profile Image of Françoise Kaufrausch


Concept Store Owners

We are the team behind Kaufrausch, Germany’s first concept store. We love all things design, fashion and vintage.

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Profile Image of Lena Jürgensen

Lena Jürgensen


I am a photographer, working in fashion and in staged portraits. I love to connect with passionate people and to honor the beautiful body. Everyone is beautiful! I live in Hamburg (my hometown) and I am currently working here, in Paris and sometimes in my beloved city Cape Town. I always love to take a break in a laid back café and I am fond of good quality coffee.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wifi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of Mihaela Lica

Mihaela Lica Butler

Food Writer

I love good food and good family fun. I recently published my first book ‘Garden Super Hero Tales’, the 1st volume in a series of 10 that will set the stage for 100 different veggies, herbs and fruit, to show their true super powers for a healthy diet. The books - available on Amazon.com - are inspired by my son, Paul-Jules, who is the main hero of the stories. I also share my cooking experiences with young mothers on Fusion Mom, and I’m sharing the best family experiences on Stay.com.

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Profile Image of Miriam Lindthaler

Miriam Lindthaler


Miriam’s work is focused on people, kids, portraits, fashion and lifestyle photography. Her main concerns are real and individual moments, developed by authentic and lively performances.

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Profile Image of Aleksandra Despotović

Aleksandra Despotović

Design Shop Owner

I am focused on designs from the south east, east, and south of Europe, and I also offer products from Holland, Germany and the UK. Nearly everything I stock in my shop cannot be found in other shops around. I am passionate about introducing new labels and I stay far away from mass-produced goods. Every product tells a story and I know a lot of the designers personally.

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Profile Image of Veronika Faustmann

Veronika Faustmann


I was born in the north of Germany, but I now work as a freelance photographer in Hamburg and Dublin. I focus on fashion and people photography. I enjoy the different cities and cultures I work in, and I love exploring nature and healthy food when I’m not taking photos. I am always on the hunt for calm and relaxing places in the chaos of the cities.

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Profile Image of Maite Woköck

Maite Woköck

Health Coach

I studied health coaching at the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and am now a certified Health Coach through the AADP (American Association for Drugless Practitioners).

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Profile Image of Max and Ronald Brausturm

Max and Ronald

Beer Experts

Max started as a classic home brewer. After setting up the Craft Beer Store in Hamburg he decided to start his own business with Ronald. Ronald got into craft beer because his brother was brewing. Being confronted with craft beer so often there was no other way than heading towards Berlin’s brewing institute to become a brewmaster.

Today, Brausturm is on a very good way to establish itself as a recognized craft beer dealer. No fakes, but real craft beer from independent brewers.

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Profile Image of Oliver Giemza

OIiver Giemza


Oliver Giemza is a talented hairdresser, based in Hamburg. He cuts your hair the way it suits you best. Elegant, simple, not too short and not too long. He makes doesn’t do experiments or fashionable statements, without focusing on your face.

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Profile Image of The Box Hamburg

The Box

Concept Store

THE BOX is located in the former home of the “Theater in der Basilika” (Basilica Theatre). Ten months after the theatre closed, the unique concept store brought art and culture back to the rooms of the old factory building in Borselstraße which dates back to 1868.

THE BOX is made up of seven coherent components: two galleries, the Heritage furniture store, bookstore Books in The Box, travel agent One Planet and kitchen store One Kitchen, and the in-house cafe.

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