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Tradition and style in a modern harbor

Hamburg’s origin is the river Elbe and its natural harbor, but life there now pulses on every street, unexpectedly. Many believe that the city is laid-back and even boring, forgetting that the Reeperbahn is probably the most sinful mile in the world. Poverty amidst great wealth give Hamburg an interestingly appealing diversity – there’s something to be discovered by everyone, experienced and marveled at every day. The city is bustling and energetic, beloved for both its contemporary scene as well as for its cultural offerings.

Bucerius Art Forum

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Bucerius Art Forum

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Located in the Rathausmarkt, Bucerius Kunst Forum is an exhibition center that presents items and initiatives from some of the world’s most renown museums. The center is visited by nearly 200,000 people each year.

Aside the exhibitions, any number of lectures, readings, and other outreach or educational events take place here. During your stay, check to see what is happening, so as not to miss the extraordinary. Also, if you are in town during the annual music or literature festivals, do not miss an opportunity to visit.

Bucerius Art Forum
Rathausmarkt 2, Hamburg, Hamburg
+49 40 360 9960
Daily 11 AM until 7 PM