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Tradition and style in a modern harbor

Hamburg’s origin is the river Elbe and its natural harbor, but life there now pulses on every street, unexpectedly. Many believe that the city is laid-back and even boring, forgetting that the Reeperbahn is probably the most sinful mile in the world. Poverty amidst great wealth give Hamburg an interestingly appealing diversity – there’s something to be discovered by everyone, experienced and marveled at every day. The city is bustling and energetic, beloved for both its contemporary scene as well as for its cultural offerings.

Hamburg DungeonLisa Roderer / CC BY-SA 2.0

Hamburg Dungeon

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Hamburg Dungeon

As spooky as Hamburg gets

Stay Editor's Note

If there is a scared bone in your body, the Hamburg Dungeon is sure to make if shiver a bit. This so called “torture museum” reveals the deepest and darkest moments in the history of the city. Think Vikings with attitude for this one. .

This two hour excursion into the macabre is acrtually a stage performance slash interactive museum of horror. Not exactly for the whole family, the spooky venue is a lot of fun for teen ages to adult. Best leave the little ones home, unless you want to deal with nightmares for a few days.

Hamburg Dungeon
Kehrwieder 2, Hamburg,, Hamburg
+49 40 3600 5519