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Road rage vs yoga zen. Green pioneers vs SUV smog. Fat-free celebrities vs.hamburger stands. The city has freeways and mountains for hiking, strip malls and Spanish revival architecture. Locals joke L.A. has its own four seasons: flood, fire, earthquakes and riots. It’s a magnet for those who want to make films, television and music; in a sense Los Angeles is the American Dream, constantly re-creating itself, sometimes literally rising from ashes.

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Venice Canals Walkway

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Venice Canals Walkway

"Venice of America" constructed in 1905

Stay Editor's Note

The Venice Canals Walkway is a sightseeing gem and one of California’s hidden treasures. You’ll see ducks and geese along these artificial canals filled with fresh sea water. It’s a lovely place for a walk and accommodates strollers. This picturesque spot is beyond the crowded Venice boardwalk.

Venice Canals Walkway was originally designed as a seaside resort to bring people to the beach. Some canals have been filled in, but today there are enough canal side walkways to enjoy a stroll. Venetian themed architecture can be seen in the old bungalow style homes, some with their canoes docked out front.

Venice Canals Walkway
Off Venice Boulevard, Venice, CA , Los Angeles