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Profile Image of Ramona Braganza

Ramona Braganza

Celebrity Trainer

My passion is guiding people toward a better life, as well as a better body; empowering – mind, body and spirit.

Most people know me as a global fitness expert and celebrity trainer. My Hollywood A-List clients have included Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendez, Dania Ramirez, Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Welling, Michael Weatherly, along with the entire cast of the movie “The A Team”.

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Profile Image of Niki Tehranchi



After practicing law for a few years, I decided to follow my passion for cooking and went to culinary school. I love to cook, entertain, and teach…and my mission was to combine all three. I started EATZ with the goal of giving each student a truly hands-on cooking experience. Not only do I want everyone to cook as much as possible during class, I also wants to bring the joy of cooking to the classroom by encouraging students to experiment and have fun with the cooking process.

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Profile Image of Saint Motel

Saint Motel

American Indie Rock Band

Already a growing proposition in the States where they’ve played shows with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Imagine Dragons, the LA quartet SAINT MOTEL has recently introduced themselves to the UK with the release of their debut track ‘My Type’ on July 28th. Recalling the glam flair of the Seventies with elements of retro power-pop, SAINT MOTEL also possesses a tongue-in-cheek twist on cynicism and irony that reflects their status as a Los Angeles band influenced by British culture.

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Profile Image of Todd Goldsworthy

Todd Goldsworthy

Coffee Expert

Todd Goldsworthy is the 2014 US Brewers Cup Champion, a coffee guru, and a resource for great coffee around Los Angeles and Southern California. Great Coffee shops are all about great coffee, great equipment, great training, and an awesome experience.

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Profile Image of The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes

Indie Rock Duo

The Raveonettes are a Danish indie rock duo, with Sune Rose Wagner on guitar, instruments, and vocals, and Sharin Foo on bass, guitar and vocals. Their music is characterized by close vocal harmonies combined with hard-edged electric guitar overlaid with liberal doses of noise. Their songs juxtapose the structural and chordal simplicity of ‘50s and '60s rock with intense electric instrumentation, driving beats, and lyrical content.

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Profile Image of Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro

Soul crooner and style icon

My hit Black & Gold was labelled “unquestionably, the single of the year!” by the BBC. My live performances found me touring with the likes of Adele and Robyn. I have become known not only for my distinct, scale-defying vocals and epic live shows, but also as a visual artist and style icon. My album ‘Return To Paradise’ is out now!

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Profile Image of Eat Coolhaus


Food Experts

Since we launched our first truck, a barely driveable (but pimped out) postal van, we’ve been combining our two great loves, architecture and food, to create our signature, scooped to order ice cream sandwiches served in our customizable edible wrappers. With a focus on seasonal, local ingredients and a sweet/savory flavor profile, we serve out of trucks in LA, NYC, Austin & Dallas, and you’ll find packaged sandwiches, pints and bars in over 2000 stores and restaurants throughout the country.

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Profile Image of Porsche Reid

Chef on a Passport

Tour Guide & Chef Instructor

For over 15 years I had a career in sales and after deciding to make a career change I went to my first passion, food. As a student at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts I spent my externship working at the Los Angeles Times Food Section testing recipes, styling food for photo shoots and prepping for the Eat Beat TV program. Since graduation I’ve done private catering. I currently teach cooking classes at EATZ in Los Angeles and I demonstrate cooking techniques at retail stores.

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Profile Image of Michelle Hargreaves

Michelle Hargreaves

Food blogger, recipe writer, craft nerd

Lover of all things creative–cooking, crafting, and entertaining. I love fashion, accessories, and beauty.I love Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Zooey De Chanel, and Mindy Kaling.

I’m also a huge hockey fan… for the LA Kings to be exact. I ballroom dance and I love hockey fights. Dichotomy? For sure–but that’s me!

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Profile Image of Diana Marks

Diana Marks

Fashion Blogger

Hi, I’m Diana, the girl behind the popular fashion and lifestyle blog LA by Diana.

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Profile Image of Kara Los Angeles


Food Host

Cooking for me started early in childhood, watching my mom take over the kitchen and create fantastic meals for her five kids. I learned early on how to be innovative, resourceful, and fun with food. I say that I like to cook because I like to be with people, and food is a vehicle for creating genuine community. For me, good food is a way of life. To feed and to be fed is my guiding mantra, because I believe a meal is something that should be nourishing, delicious, and shared.

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Profile Image of Danielle Cuccio

Danielle Cuccio

Celebrity Yoga Instructor

Danielle Cuccio, born and raised in LA, is an LA-based Celebrity Private Yoga Instructor, Aesthetician, Health Blogger for www.TheBeautyBlender.com & Owner of Cuccio Yoga Somatology. Tackling health, beauty & happiness from within, Danielle brings health and wellness to her clients and fans!

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Profile Image of Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane

Fertility & Nutrition Coach

Lisa is a passionate Fertility & Nutrition Coach and lover of clean eating. Her journey to fall pregnant inspired her to give up her PR career and enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NYC), where she was trained in more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Lisa Lane Wellness runs online nutrition programs including the very popular Fertile Woman and 21 Day Clean Up Your Diet, additionally Lisa offers one on one coaching programs.

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Profile Image of Aruna Sutra


Singer / DJ

Aruna is not solely the pretty vocalist you hear on your favorite dance tracks - she’s penned a chart-topping single recorded by Miley Cyrus for the multi-platinum selling #1 Billboard Hannah Montana soundtrack, collaborated with some of EDM’s biggest names, and spends most weekends performing to packed clubs and festivals around the world since adding DJ'ing to her arsenal of skills. Say hello to one of the industry’s most exciting and successful leading ladies.

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Profile Image of Tadeo Fitness


Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Tadeo is a Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Professional Brazilian Soccer player who invented the Cuerpaso® workout using his patented soccer ball… For those seeking a natural butt lift & tummy tuck, he is the definitive option. From 5th Ave to Rodeo Drive, Europe, Asia, & Latin America, Tadeo shares his infectious happiness & amazing talents.

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Profile Image of Chef Kenji

Chef Kenji

Private Sushi Chef

Chef Kenji grew up around food as his parents were always cooking and entertaining close friends and relatives. Armed with an “only the best and freshest will do” attitude, Chef Kenji utilizes only fresh ingredients supplied by local producers, daily selected fish, and top-shelf seafood ingredients from top-tier suppliers around the globe. Chef Kenji’s style is best described as an immersion of artful colors and exquisite flavors that are sure to satisfy taste buds with delight and awe.

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Profile Image of Amoeba Music


World's Best Record Store

We’re the world’s largest independent record store, and were voted The World’s Best Record Store by Rolling Stone Magazine. Our staff is an all-star team of record store veterans who make music their lives in one way or another. Many are musicians themselves and their collective depth of knowledge is virtually unparalleled in the business.

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Profile Image of Mandy Artusato

Mandy Artusato

Makeup Artist

I’m a makeup artist, and I was born and raised in Iceland but I now live in Los Angeles. I have worked with amazing models, musicians and spokespersons.

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Profile Image of Brooke Ventre

Vegan Beauty Guru

Vegan Beauty Guru

Being Vegan was a hard choice, not for me but for others. I find it so easy once you get the hang of it. Some people can’t grasp the fact that I won’t eat meat, dairy or even honey. Ask a Vegan where they get their protein? I dare you. That’s why I love living in the heart of LA. There are many more options out here and open minded individuals.

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