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Spanish Sites

Tour Guide

I’ve been visiting, living and working in Madrid for more than 15 years. I’ve written extensively about politics and Spain in the Guardian, Financial Times, Private Eye, New Statesman, Tribune, El País, El Correo, La Razón and for think tanks in London and Madrid. I’ve a PhD in modern history and was Special Adviser to the former British Cabinet minister, the late Robin Cook.

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Museo del Romanticismo

Art Professionals

The Museo del Romanticismo (Madrid, Spain) makes traveling in time possible for all visitors. It is a special museum that looks like a big house. There’s a beautiful garden where you can find the pleasant Café del Jardín. Temporary exhibitions, guided and thematic tours, children´s workshops, lectures, concerts and other activities are all part of the the cultural programme of the museum. Audio guides in Spanish, English and French are available at the bookshop.

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Marco Cristofori


Marco has been a travel and corporate photographer for over thirty years. You can find his pictures in leading magazines, including National Geographic (USA), Times (USA), Le Figaro (France), El Pais (Spain), Geo (Germany), and Corriere della Sera (Italy). His work is represented by Corbis, Getty Images (USA) and Robert Harding (UK). He is currently working on a book about Shanghai women shoes.

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David Hughes

Personal Trainer

David Hughes is recognized as “The” Trainer in Spain. He’s an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic trainer who has been based in Madrid Spain since 2003.

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Profile Image of Spanish Hipster

Spanish Hipster

Food, Travel & Design

Elise & Jose are the creators of the Brooklyn based food blog, Spanish hipster. While growing up in two different places, Elise from Maine and Jose from Spain, each had a similar background of being a part of a food focused family. Their deep love of food and design will forever keep them exploring the culinary landscape.

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Profile Image of Ester Mi Armario en Ruinas

Mi Armario en Ruinas


I’m a fashion blogger from Madrid, Spain. ‘My Cabinet is in Ruins’ is about me and my passion for fashion, interior design, photography and traveling.

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Profile Image of Con El Morro Fino

Con El Morro Fino

Culinary projects enthusiasts

We are a couple of locals who love to eat in special restaurants. Places with quality food, but not necessarily with high prices. We like to enjoy the atmosphere, the presentation and the people while we discover interesting culinary projects in Madrid.

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Profile Image of Picniquette Banquetes Efímeros


Freelance designer & photographer

Picniquette is the green side of Iaia Cocoi. I am a freelance designer and photographer who’s in love with light, crafts, markets and picnics. I like to shop for local and independent design, and I’m always searching for an eco-friendly way of living, tasting and discovering a city.

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Profile Image of Enrique Negrete

El Decantador de Vinos

Wine expert

“El Decantador de Vinos” is the place where I share my knowledge and preferences about the world of wine. I like to try wines from all parts of Spain and all around the world, always accompanied by the best food. Open your mind and enjoy a world of aromas.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wifi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Marisa Jucaralva

Gluten-Free Blogger

I am a blogger who has been writing about gluten-free options in Madrid and Spain (as well as the rest of the world) since 2007. I have a passion for food and am very active in the Madrid community looking after celiacs like myself.

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Vera Szutorisz

Holistic Health & Life Coach

Vera Szutorisz is a holistic health and life coach, trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She is dedicated to help others to find inspiration in their own lives, learn to listen to their inner wisdom and live their lives to their highest potential.

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Profile Image of Miruna Corneanu

Travel Away

Travel blogger and freelance journalist

I am fascinated by the planet I am living on, by the differences between places, by the variety of cultures, traditions and customs and I believe in Travel as a therapy, as a way to expand your horizons but I also believe that travel can change the world.

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Profile Image of Espacio Malmö Espacio Malmö

Espacio Malmö

Spanish Fashion Professional

I’m Mariane, and I’m the owner of Espacio Malmö, a Spanish independent and local design and vintage clothing shop. Besides that, we have a special area dedicated to the promotion of art, through different cultural events like exhibitions, workshops, theater, concerts or wine tasting.

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Profile Image of Film Guy Stay Editor

Stay Editors

The best movie, music and book spots

And… action!

Your Stay.com editors take you to the best spots from the movies and books. Get the guide and visit the best film and literature locations, all over the world.

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Profile Image of Fernando Escribano


Street Activist

I go by the alias ‘Porfavor’ and I am Involved in street activism and interventions. I am a street and urban art enthusiast. You can find me on Instagram as @porfavorhh.

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Profile Image of La Bicicleta Cafe

La Bicicleta


La Bicicleta is a workspace, gallery and cycling cafe in Malasaña. We love art, bicycles and coffee, and we want to be a place that has a concept, a soul and a strong personality. A place that invites you to come in and stay (for a long while) and to come back (many times).

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Profile Image of Eduardo The Place

The Place

The Place

We’re a sandwich bar in the heart of Madrid. The place to be for fresh, delicious sandwiches.

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Profile Image of Cristina Drafta

Cristina Drafta


I am an addicted photographer, and a traveler passionate about the world. I write for Argophilia and other travel sites, and I like to use Stay.com to plan my trips. Hopefully, you can use my guides to plan yours too.

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Profile Image of Eliza Coolsma

Eliza Coolsma

Yoga Teacher

I’m Eliza and I’m passionate about making your life as healthy, happy and easy as possible! I don’t believe in strict rules when it comes to living a healthy, happy life. Eating healthy doesn’t always mean cutting out foods that you love & yoga doesn’t have to be spending hours a day on your mat either: just a few poses or deep breaths can make a HUGE difference.

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