Madrid’s little flamenco club with lots of character

Formerly a gypsy-run bordello, Los Gabrieles is a long-established flamenco club that is very popular with the celebrities. Ava Gardner used to frequent the club and famous bullfighter Manolete was a regular. Every wall of the place is covered with artist Enrique Guijo’s artwork.

The colorful ceramic illustrations at Los Gabrieles depict everything from bullfighting to the grim reaper. For a more relaxing experience, visit the bar during the afternoon hours or in the early evening. A more exciting time will happen after 10pm when everything gets going and and the dancing begins. The music is described as being a modern mix of salsa, funk and Flamenco. Weekly Flamenco shows start at 10pm.

Los Gabrieles
C/ Echegaray 17 , Madrid

Phone: 91 369 07 57

Open Hours: Mon-Thurs, Sun 1pm-2.30am; Fri and Sat 1pm-3.3am

Categories: Dance clubs, Club & Music Scene

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