Photographic art

Fotogalleriet [Format] is a forum for photography, featuring works by Malmö artists, and photographers from Southern Sweden. It is a non-profit gallery, created to explore the use of photography through collaborations, curated activities, events and exhibitions.

Fotogalleriet [Format] has six themed photographic exhibitions per year, and sells books, paintings and posters related to these themes to monetize. The commission of the Fotogalleriet [Format] is usually 30% of sales amount.

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Format is a non-profit, independent association for anyone, both practitioners and the general public, interested in photography as a means of expression. It aims to promote interest and understanding of the photographic medium through various activities, such as exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Ditte Ejlerskov Artist

Fotogalleriet [Format]
Friisgatan 15 B, Malmo

Phone: +46 40 23 96 21


Open Hours: Wed-Fri 14-18 / / Mon-Fri 2-6 pm Sat-Sun 13-16 / / Fri-Sun 1-4 pm

Categories: Photography gallery, Specialty galleries

Price: Free

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