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Mexico City is home to Centro Historico, which boasts numerous historic colonial landmarks, and the famous Aztec Templo Mayor. Continue with Chapultepec, which is one of the biggest urban parks in the world, complete with the city zoo, a castle, outdoor recreation opportunities, museums and an amusement park. Coyoacán is famous for counter-culture and art, and go to Condesa and Roma for the city’s trendiest restaurants, bistros, clubs, pubs and shops. Last, but not least, there’s Xochimilco with its waterways and flower gardens dating back to Aztec times.

Acuario Aragón

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Acuario Aragón

Mesmerizing trained dolphins, sea lions and birds

Stay Editor's Note

One of the best aquariums in the city of Mexico is the Acuario Aragón. This water park boasts of beautiful aquariums that contains all sorts of marine flora and fauna. If you are looking for an exciting show with trained marine animals, then this aquarium is the right place for you.

The main attractions in Acuario Aragón are the shows of trained dolphins, sea lions and birds which are always big hits to kids. The kids can also enjoy the big play area where they can play lots of games. If you are more adventurous, you can swim with the dolphins and participate in the therapy with dolphins.

The Acuario Aragón is only open from Wednesday to Sunday only. There are also plenty of other attractions near the area of the water park. Entrance fee costs only 18 to 20 pesos.

Acuario Aragón
Centro de Convivencia Infantil, Bosque de San Juan de Aragón, Mexico City
+52 5 751 6798
10AM to 6PM