Former stronghold of the Aztec Cuauhtémoc

If you want to have a more comprehensive knowledge about the history of the Mexican capital, then you should go to Tlatelolco, which is the sister city of Tenochtitlán and the former stronghold of the great Aztec Cuauhtémoc.

Tlatelolco is an interesting site and is also where the infamous shooting of public protesters took place in 1968 where hundreds died at the hands of government troops. This famous landmark was also rocked by a powerful earthquake in 1985 which left hundreds injured or dead.

Tlatelolco is a good place to include in your itinerary along with the other famous attractions that are nearby. This historical significant site will be worth your time. This zone is where you will find the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. Get ready to discover ancient Aztec remains.

Tlatelolco, Mexico City

Phone: +52 55 533 4700

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