The Brotherhood of Hernan Cortés

Iglesia de la Santa Veracruz was influenced greatly by the love for Baroque architecture by Jose de Churriguera. This church is located at the Santa Veracruz square and is considered to be the city’s most important one.

Iglesia de la Santa Veracruz was established by Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1526 when he built the Archicofradía de la Santa Veracruz as an act of thanksgiving for his successful and safe arrival in the Americas.

The actual church building of Iglesia de la Santa Veracruz was built on 1739. You will find several paintings made by Miguel Cabrera inside. Among the significant highlights in this church is the tomb of renowned Valencian architect and sculptor Manuel Tólsa.

Iglesia de la Santa Veracruz
Avenida Hidalgo 33, Colonia Centro, Mexico City

Phone: 5512 8940

Open Hours: 9a-7p daily

Categories: Tours and Sightseeing, Historic site, Landmark, Religious site

Price: Free

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