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Profile Image of Kristina Bialskaia

Kristina Bialskaia

Art Expert

I was born in Moscow and I graduated from The Moscow State University, on the Faculty of Fine Arts. I am currently working for the Lumiere Brothers Photogallery.

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Profile Image of We Heart Moscow

We Heart Moscow

Your Guide to Everything Moscow

We write useful tips about places. We also create lists of them to highlight tasty finds, hidden haunts, undiscovered watering holes and just popular ones. Welcome to Moscow!

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Profile Image of Taste of Russia Cooking

Taste of Russia

Cooking School

We’re the first English speaking cooking school in Moscow, specializing in Russian and CIS countries food.

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Profile Image of Maxim Emelyanov


Expressionistic photographer and artist

I’m an artist, a photographer, and I want to show the fragility of our world, the depth and timeless beauty of nature.

Broadcast, materialize, create and split.

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Profile Image of Our Russia Russia

Our Russia

The Best Russia Has to Offer

Our Russia is an organization dedicated to telling and showing the world the best this country has to offer from art and culture to travel and hospitality.

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Profile Image of Juliet Polilova

Juliet Polilova

Fashion Blogger

I’m a Moscow based fashion blogger and a big food & coffee lover.

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Profile Image of Alexandra Sashurina

Alexandra Sashurina

Luxury Expert

Alexandra Sashurina is a communications specialist with over 10 years of experience in the premium and luxury segment. She runs her own agency and works with the high end luxury firms.

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Profile Image of Natalia Rimsha

Natalia Rimsha

Nutrition Consultant

Natalia Rimsha is a nutrition consultant, wellness presenter, hormones practitioner and healthy lifestyle advocate. She practices holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes – we are what we eat. Natalia helps people to eat healthy and consciously, balance their body and stay energetic and healthy.

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Profile Image of Andrew Tarusov

Andrew Tarusov


Andrew Tarusov is a talented Russian designer who lives in Moscow. He is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. His first calendar was a joke about Pin-Up girls and different variations of the world’s end. It became a huge success and his second one, about the Olympics, became an instant hit too, through Boomstarter (the Russian analog of Kickstarter).

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Profile Image of Claudia Menger


Stay.com's Content Manager

Stay.com Content & Community Manager | World Traveler | Health Coach | Yoga Teacher | Vegetarian

Creator of tons of Stay.com guides focusing on health and budget. Expect juice bars, independent cafes, yoga studios, free attractions and a whole lot more.

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Profile Image of Alla Polishchuk

Alla Polishchuk

Radio Journalist

Alla Polishchuk is a well known radio journalist. producer at Business FM, and fundraiser in the Russian Federation. Her volunteer work with Civil Corps across the country, as well as with Russia for All, has been a highlight of her early communicative career. Alla is a graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) where she holds a degree in broadcast journalism.

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Profile Image of Lisa Shukov

Lisa Shukov

Travel Photographer

I’m an expat travel photographer living in Moscow for nearly 7 years. I’m constantly amazed at the wealth of photographic opportunities, hidden gems, trendy hipster hangouts and awe inspiring views this city has to offer, so much to explore and enjoy!

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Luxury Shopping in Moscow

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

Moscow shopping in style. For a luxury shopaholic Moscow will be a home away from home experience. Not many world destinations actually have more finery in shop windows than this Winter wonderland. Novinsky Passage, Arsenicum Showroom, Chanel, the rest, more, shopping for luxuriant items here is second nature for Muscovites and tourists alike. Enjoy Gosudarstvennyi Universal’nyi Magazin, Okhotnyi Riad, Metropolis Shopping Center, and dozens more fantastic designer venues.

  1. Imperial Porcelain +Add

    Imperial Porcelain

    Moscow Porcelain factory shop
  2. beautiful faces +Add

    Concept Store No.1

    Intriguing fashion styles
    Locals' Pick
  3. On blackboard +Add


    Number one fashion store for Muscovites
  4. Moscow Metropolis Mall +Add

    Metropolis Shopping Center

    Moscow's hottest new shopping venue
    Locals' Pick
  5. Crocus exhibition center +Add

    Crocus City Mall

    Elegant clothes shopping in Moscow
  6. jewelry +Add

    Vladimir Mikhailov

    Designer jewelry store
  7. crystal +Add

    Gusevskoy Crystal

    Crystal glass factory shop
  8. vintage +Add

    Vintage X

    Classic, vintage goods
  9. GUM, Moscow, Russia +Add

    Gosudarstvennyi Universal’nyi Magazin (GUM)

    Russia's most well known department store
    Locals' Pick
  10. Охотный ряд +Add

    Okhotnyi Riad

    The Eight Wonder of the World - A shopper's paradise
  11. house of books +Add

    Moskovskiy Dom Knigi

    The Moscow 'House of Books'
  12. fashion +Add

    Arsenicum Showroom

    Tailored men's suits
  13. Coco Chanel. Moscow. 2015. +Add

    Chanel Boutique

    Luxury shopping in the heart of Moscow
  14. cartier +Add

    Vremena Goda

    Glitzy high-end shopping till you drop!
  15. Frendy's overhang sign +Add


    Brand name shopping
  16. 2508x1672 +Add

    Novinsky Passage

    Luxury shopping
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Stay Editors

Yours truly. Stay.com editors pick great places in all the cities featured on Stay.com in order to create marvellous travel guides for you. Get inspired, and start creating your own travel guide!