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Northern delight

Oslo (or Christiania as it used to be known) is shiny, happy, relaxed and liberal, a city that boasts a rare display of cultural gems; a bounty of fjords, lakes and forests within minutes of the city center; and an exciting nightlife. Oslo is a European architecture and design hotspot, a romantic city as well, with a heart that still beats with Viking pride. Don’t forget your camera – Oslo’s new-age buildings and the Vigeland Park shine spectacularly at dusk. If you are a foodie, you will never forget Oslo’s finest chocolatiers, and its restaurants.

45/365 The Local AlesJellaluna / CC BY 2.0

London Pub

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London Pub

Popular gay pub

Stay Editor's Note

As one of Oslo’s most beloved gay bars, London Pub offers a comfortable setting for having drinks, playing a game of pool, or relaxing with friends. The pub-feel is maintained here, with a series of underground rooms and two bar areas.

In walking distance from the upscale Bristol Hotel, London Pub offers a great place for travelers to meet new people and have a jovial evening. If you want to switch it up at any point during the night, Chairs bar is right upstairs.

London Pub
C. J. Hambros Plass 5, Oslo , Oslo
3pm-3:30am daily