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Profile Image of Jakob Montelius

Jakob Montelius


I’m the chef at Madu, a Nordic Raw restaurant in the heart of Oslo.

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Profile Image of Rebecca Hawkes

Rebecca Hawkes

Photographer and Designer

British photographer, art director & graphics designer living somewhere between London and Oslo. Rebecca believes inspiration is everywhere and within everything if only we take the time to look for it.

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Profile Image of Alessia Spedding Molteberg

Alessia Spedding Molteberg

Food Editor and Chef

I believe food is the great connector between people — something everyone has in common, regardless of what they eat and how they eat it. A food magazine editor and cook by trade, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last 10 years professionally exploring the world’s many wonderful food cultures. Gingerbud is my latest Oslo-based project, offering tasting workshops, ingredient tours & food events focusing on the authentic flavors of Asia.

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Profile Image of Leela Yoga

Leela Yoga

Yoga Teachers

We are Kelsi and Tonje from Leela Yoga, and we are both on a mission to transform the way people think and feel about yoga. To help us nourish our body’s we love to explore Oslo’s hidden healthy foodie gems, shop local and of course play in the nature we have available here in the city!

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Profile Image of Gunnar Garfors

Gunnar Garfors

Journalist, World Traveler

Gunnar Garfors travels hard. He completed visiting all the world’s 198 countries (193 UN members, the Vatican, Kosovo, Palestine, Western Sahara, Taiwan) on May 8, 2013, as the youngest hobby traveler. He also set a world record by visiting 5 continents in 1 day on June 18, 2012 using only scheduled transport. He is originally a journalist, but now makes his living (traveling) as CEO of a TV company and President of an international radio and TV organization.

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Profile Image of Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe

World Champion Barista

Tim Wendelboe is a coffee roastery, an espresso bar and a coffee resource and training centre in Oslo’s Grünerløkka area. Coffee is all about the perfect beans, the right equipment and techniques and the best milk.

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Profile Image of Arne Hjeltnes

Arne Hjeltnes

Writer & Tv Host

I’ve written 15 travel books, hosted travel programs, have a great passion for food and never get tired of discovering the best new places.

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Profile Image of Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding

Stand-up Comedian

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is an Internationally-Touring Canadian Stand-Up Comedian, who has performed in 29 countries worldwide. He tours Norway with his hour-long show Norgsevenn, which examines Norwegian Culture.

Known for his smart, ironic, and very gay comedy, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is a non-stop world traveler, and one of the most sought-after comedy acts working in continental Europe. His intelligent cultural and social observations are delivered with a high energy.

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Profile Image of Arne Austbø


Sushi Chef and Teacher

After traveling to and working as a sushi chef in Copenhagen, London, Spain, Hong Kong and Japan I landed in Oslo. Besides hunting for the best sushi places, I offer sushi workshops and private dinners.

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Profile Image of Marte Marie Forsberg

Marte Marie Forsberg

Food/Lifestyle Photographer and Stylist

I’m a visual story maker, a photographer and stylist who fell in love with food and traveling. I lived and traveled in many countries and I always take my passion for food, minimalistic images, design and creativity with me.

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Profile Image of Cecilie Moestue

Cecilie Moestue


I’m a freelance journalist from Oslo. I blog about hotels and traveling, and I write for Norwegian online publications.

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Profile Image of Ariana Hendrix

Ariana Hendrix

Writer and traveler

A native of northern Michigan, I now live in beautiful Oslo, Norway. I’m a writer who loves travel, food, wine, literature, movies, craft beer, fashion, history, and exploring the great outdoors. I’m also a proud editor and content creator for Stay.com! Follow my expat adventures on Instagram: @arianahendrix. Happy travels!

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Profile Image of Katrine Mosfjeld

Katrine Mosfjeld

Travel Expert

I’m Katrine Mosfjeld (39), mother of one. Lived in Oslo for more than 12 years. Worked as the division manager for VisitOSLOs tourist Information Centres, and is still working in VisitOSLO, as Director of Digital Development. Author of the official book of Oslo: “Oslo. Capital of Culture and nature”, in 9 languages and both paper and iPad-version. Loves Oslo, and loves helping people find their Oslo! That’s why she seems to be stuck with VisitOSLO, now for the 13th year and counting.

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Profile Image of Food Studio Oslo

Food Studio

Good & Honest Food

Food Studio is about sharing stories of people that believe in good and honest food. With good and honest food we mean food that both tastes good, has a positive impact on our health, food that´s responsibly produced, food that´s a result of plants and animals being treated well, and food that inspires us!

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wifi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of Anders Braathen

Anders Braathen

Chef & Restaurant Owner

Anders is the chef and co-owner of Smalhans, a neighborhood eatery where you can go to to meet friends, enjoy dinner with your family or relax by yourself with something good to eat and drink.

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Profile Image of Ida Eline and Johanne MMM


Singer Songwriters from Oslo

We’re Ida and Johanne, a young singer songwriter duo from Oslo, playing cool and melodic pop tunes.

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Profile Image of Imke Tschentke

Imke Tschentke


The experience of foreign cultures is an important source of inspiration for my designs. Originally from Germany, I have studied and worked in in different countries, such as Italy, Scotland and Israel. In 2008 I moved to Oslo and work here as a freelance product designer under the name “Oslonaut”.

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Profile Image of Claudia van Tunen


World Traveler

World Traveler | Stay.com Content & Community Manager | Holistic Nutrition | Early Morning Yogini | Vegetarian |

Creator of Stay.com guides focusing on budget trips and health conscious travels.

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Profile Image of Nina Frydenlund

Nina Frydenlund

Journalist & Photographer

I am a photographer and journalist who loves to be outdoors. Growing up in Norway my parents taught me to appreciate every aspect of being outside, both in the city and in the country. I divide my time between Oslo and our family farm in the Swedish woods. I always bring my camera and look for new angles, exciting buildings, beautiful sunsets, city lights and colorful street art.

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Profile Image of Dave Tippett

Dave Tippett

Sweet Cakes

I am a 35 year old British baker living in Oslo since 2002. I worked for a decade in Banking and IT before releasing my inner passion and opening my catering and bakery service.

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Profile Image of Alehunt Oslo


True Beer Enthusiasts

AleHunt lets you find the best beers, places and breweries. We keep track of where to get beers.

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Profile Image of Cappelens Forslag

Cappelens Forslag

Independent Bookstore

Norway´s most independent and unpredictable bookstore has been the setting for everything from concerts, book readings, television shows and live broadcasts by BBC World radio. Mostly, though, it´s a quiet refuge for the kind of people who would get this far down a list like this one. Oh, and there´s coffee if you ask for it.

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Profile Image of Bergá Thorgrimsdottir


Scandinavian fashion designer

Bergá Thorgrimsdottir is the cool girl behind the Scandinavian fashion brand Lopi. Lopi loves the strangeness in fashion and the weirdness in style.

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Profile Image of Mariangela Demurtas

Mariangela (Tristania)

Vocalist in Tristania, singer songwriter.

Lead singer in Tristania - a famous Norwegian Gothic Metal band - , music teacher and live music lover. Originally from Sardinia, Italy, I’m passionate about music as a language and cultural interpretations.

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Profile Image of Dapper Oslo


Bike Store and Barbershop

Dapper offers traditional barber equipment, clothing and bicycles for people who love quality and style. Here you can get a shaving brush, a shirt and a classic city bike all in one place!

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Profile Image of Zandra Stenman

Kari Traa

Personal Trainer

Hi! I’m Zandra Stenman, a personal trainer working for Kari Traa, the famous Norwegian freestyle skier.

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