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Profile Image of O'Chateau Wines

Ô Chateau

Parisian Sommeliers

We offer people an opportunity to not only taste exquisite French wines, but also to learn more about them. Our restaurant and tasting rooms are located right next to the Louvre in a spectacular 17th Century wine cellar.

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Profile Image of Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

Famous Pastry Chef

I started my career at the age of 14 and became a pastry chef when I was only 20 years old. I opened my first pastry boutique in Tokyo in 1996 and the Paris boutique opened its doors in 2001. Vogue dubbed me “The Picasso of Pastry”, but I simply offer you award-winning macarons, the best chocolate cake and tons of other pastries.

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Profile Image of Charles Gillman

Charles Gillman

Makeup Artist

Charles is renowned for his outlook on natural beauty, his brand and his philosophy is simple. Anybody can look and feel good about who they are with the right products and the right knowledge. Charles, an English makeup artist, moved to the city of light to follow his dream as a freelance makeup artist, working on shoots and also with some of the most fantastic brides. Find out Charles’ Paris picks for beautiful services and great places to shop!

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Profile Image of Sofia Mazzamauro

Sofia Mazzamauro

Editor-in-Chief, CovetedPlaces

Founder & editor-in-chief at CovetedPlaces.com and native Montrealer living in Paris. I love exploring my city, whether it be discovering hidden gems or wining & dining on a sunny terrace.

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Profile Image of Film Guy Stay Editor

Stay Editors

The best movie, music and book spots

And… action!

Your Stay.com editors take you to the best spots from the movies and books. Get the guide and visit the best film and literature locations, all over the world.

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Profile Image of David Paris

David - Le Spicy Home

Restaurant Owner

David works for Le Spicy Home in Paris. There are three Spicy Home restaurants in the city and they proudly serve delicious traditional French food combined with the spices and flavors of the world.

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Profile Image of Noémie Cazier


Vegan Blogger

My goal is to show that vegan food can look as good as any other food. Lots of people think that when you’re vegan you just eat salad. But it can really be so much fun! I’m really fond of Asian food, pasta and pizza, so why not make them healthier with a veggie based sauce? Once you get the idea that you can create your usual meal in a vegan mood, it becomes a fun challenge and practically anything is possible: pancakes, purées, fries, gyoza, veggie burgers, even vegan cheese!

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Profile Image of Kirsten Gordon

Kristen Gordon

Travel Writer

Born in Germany to Chinese-Filipino and Scottish-American parents, Kristen’s eclectic heritage, along with frequent trips to Asia, South America and Europe nourished her love for culture and her passion for travel. Now living between the Île Saint-Louis in Paris and the Provence, she has the opportunity to experience many facets of French culture. As a museum family educator at the Louvre she loves sharing her knowledge and experiences. She blogs about travel tips at My Parisian Island.

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Profile Image of Nico Alary

Nico Alary

Coffee Expert

Nico Alary is the co-owner of Holybelly with his partner Sarah Mouchot in Paris. He has lived in Vancouver, New York, and Melbourne, where he worked for Market Lane Coffee. When returning to Paris in 2012, Sarah and Nico decided to open a Melbourne style café serving delicious breakfast and speciality coffee under the same roof.

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Profile Image of Emma Bentley

Emma Bentley

Wine Consultant

The Burnt Cream blog is a hedonist’s guide to Paris, offering up suggestions for the best restaurants, wine bars and cocktail joints in town.

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Profile Image of Nicolas Garreau

Nicolas Garreau

Romance Planner

Nicolas owns ApoteoSurprise and helps men to surprise their loved one during a romantic getaway in Paris, whether it is for a marriage proposal, a grand romantic gesture, a declaration of love, a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion.

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Profile Image of Katie Donnelly

Katie Donnelly

International Lifestyle Photographer

Katie is a lifestyle photographer based in Paris. She works with couples and families to photograph and document their happy moments with her natural, fun and authentic approach to engagement, couples, wedding, and family photography. She is available for travel worldwide.

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Profile Image of Dimie Cat

Dimie Cat


I’m a French singer songwriter and a true Parisian noctambule. I just released my second album ZigZag and one of my music videos, AAA (Triple A), was shot at the most beautiful spots in Paris. I’m fond of vintage culture and find my inspiration in films and old records of the 20’s-50’s.

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Profile Image of Claudia Menger


Stay.com's Content Manager

Stay.com Content & Community Manager | World Traveler | Health Coach | Yoga Teacher | Vegetarian

Creator of tons of Stay.com guides focusing on health and budget. Expect juice bars, independent cafes, yoga studios, free attractions and a whole lot more.

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Profile Image of Paul Bidault

Paul Bidault

Tour Guide

One of the most sought-after tour guides in Paris, Paul owns and operates Wego Walking Tours. When not giving tours, he can be usually found traveling, or making music.

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Profile Image of Bike About Tours

Bike About Tours

Bicycle Tours

At Bike About, it’s our goal to help English-speaking travelers experience the real Paris on bikes.

That’s why we’ve designed our bike tours to give you a rare, insider’s look into Paris and all the local secrets to help you discover the city of light!

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Profile Image of Paris Running Tours

Paris Running Tour

Paris Running Tour

I’m Jean-Charles Sarfati, born in 1958, and I’ve been running intensively since 1995. I’m Parisian and I’ve been in love with Paris for more than 50 years.

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Profile Image of Jessica Gonzalez

Jessica Gonzalez

Beauty Blogger

I’m Jessica, a French lifestyle and beauty blogger. I’m also a popcorn and design enthusiast who starts loving photography as much as I love bold lipsticks.

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Profile Image of Elodie Petit

Elodie Petit

ELLE Journalist

I’m a French girl and I’ve always lived in Paris, in the 13ème arrondissement. I’m a journalist for ELLE magazine, I write about culture, celebrities and a bit of fashion.

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Profile Image of MadEmoiselle Sugar

MadEmoiselle Sugar

Lingerie accessories designer

I’m Natalie Vella AKA Mad Emoiselle Sugar and I’m a lingerie accessories designer, actor, writer and photographer, currently based in Paris, France. I’ve written for and performed in numerous plays and underground films, and I run the ‘Sexy International Paris Film Festival’. In 2010 I started my own company Love Me Sugar. I’m the creator of eye lingerie (sleeping masks ;)) for ladies and gents who desire something more luxurious for their eyes. You can purchase my items on my website.

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Profile Image of Christine  van Imschoot

Christine van Imschoot


I’m a true traveling foodie. I’m a certified chef, pastry chef and author of the books Food & The City, about food and food shopping all over the world, and 1 Keer Koken - 3 Keer Eten, about cooking once for three dinners. I also love organizing food workshops at home and I organize food shopping trips to London.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wi-Fi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of Violeta Loredana

Travel - Moments in Time

World traveler and blogger

I’m passionate about reading, blogging and traveling and run my own travel blog. I have over 10 years of experience in PR, marketing and communication, and have been running my own PR agency, PRwave International for 8 years.

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Profile Image of Solweig Lizlow

Solweig Lizlow

Actress and Model

I started my career as a model and traveled to the most photogenic places in the world. After that, I was the weather girl for the French channel Canal +, and now I’m an actress who still loves modelling and fashion shows.

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Profile Image of Boris Paris in Person

Paris in Person

Tour Guide

I came to Paris in 2006 to obtain my Masters in Comparative Literature at Paris IV Sorbonne. Together with a PhD candidate I started Paris in Person and we turned our hobbies and passions - city streets, urban history and architecture - into a permanent occupation.

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Profile Image of Elisa Røtterud

Elisa Røtterud

Norwegian Fashion Journalist

I’m a freelance journalist for women’s magazines and other lifestyle press, blogger and part-time world traveler. I love white mountain peaks and I’m always on the hunt for unique spots in every city.

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Kids' Activities in Paris

Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly

Paris for kids. Paris is not so often thought of as a children's destination, but anyone who has been knows the City of Light is for everyone. Minnie and Mickey are here too, at Disneyland Paris, and the whole family will enjoy Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione and the small zoo at Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes too. Myriad other fine attractions and amusements are in Paris to enchant the kiddies, while the grownups take the city's other treasures in.

  1. Uploaded by Didier +Add

    Musee du Louvre

    Originally a palace, converted into a museum in 1793
    Locals' Pick
  2. Uploaded by Therese +Add

    Arc de Triomphe

    Still celebrating Bonaparte
    Locals' Pick
  3. Uploaded by Geir Martin Y. +Add

    Eiffel Tower

    A city symbol around the world
    Locals' Pick
  4. Uploaded by Harry +Add

    Stade Roland Garros

    Home of the famous tennis French Open
  5. Zoo de Vincennes - Paris +Add

    Parc Zoologique de Paris

    View animals in a clean, well-kept zoo
  6. Zoo du jardin des plantes +Add

    Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes

    A small zoo located in the Jardin des Plantes
  7. Paris +Add

    La Croisiere Enchantee

    A whimsical boat tour of Paris
  8. Uploaded by Brede +Add

    Vedettes de Paris

    A boat tour covering the major sites in Paris
    Locals' Pick
  9. Magic Kingdom Paris +Add

    Magic Kingdom Paris

    Disneyland magic in Paris
  10. Disneyland Paris Castle +Add

    Disneyland Paris

    The wonderful world European style
  11. Pool Party August 14, 20105 +Add


    An exciting indoor water park
  12. Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione +Add

    Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione

    A winter circus for children of all ages
  13. Image of Jardin d'Acclimatation +Add

    Jardin d'Acclimatation

    Entertainment for children including, rides, animals, and more
Profile Image of Stay Editors

Stay Editors

Yours truly. Stay.com editors pick great places in all the cities featured on Stay.com in order to create marvellous travel guides for you. Get inspired, and start creating your own travel guide!