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Profile Image of Anna Harris

Anna Caitlin


Hello, My name is Anna. I live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, Oregon, and love using the built-in overcast lighting and gorgeous green landscape as my photography studio. Most days you can find me with either my camera, a cup of tea or a yoga mat in my hand, and quite often with all three at once.

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Profile Image of Brett Burmeister

Brett Burmeister

Food Cart and Truck Blogger

Portlander Brett Burmeister is the owner of Food Carts Portland, a resource for street food enthusiasts. He ate at his first food cart in 1991 and has logged roughly 1000 visits to street vendors in Portland and beyond since. Brett has been featured by CNN, The New York Times, Saveur and The Guardian, among others. In 2013, Brett was a featured speaker at the World Street Food Congress in Singapore.

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Profile Image of Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson

Yoga Teacher

I began practicing Chi Gung in 1995 but discovered my love for Yoga when I stepped into my first class in 2003. I believe in providing joyful, nurturing, structurally sound classes that nourish the soul, support inner-growth and present a physical challenge appropriately suited for each practitioner. My classes encourage a deep connection to the breath as I teach students to move with proper alignment, grace, flexibility, strength, intuition and mindfulness.

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Profile Image of Portland's Culinary Workshop

Portland's Culinary Workshop


We could wax poetic on how we LOVE food, LOVE to teach and are a hoot to hang with, but the nitty gritty of it all is that we are two smart, hilarious women who talked over a breakfast one morning and knew what we had to do. We had to follow our dream of teaching our way…for you. We provide cooking classes for the masses! No matter what your skill set is, we deliver hands on classes for the food enthusiast in a relaxed environment with a bit of sass for good measure!

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Profile Image of Delia Gavrilescu

Delia Gavrilescu

Travel Writer

I am passionate about everything travel, and I write on hospitality topics, travel resources, announcements, awards and much more for Argophilia Travel News. I am happy to share my travel experiences and favorites with you on Stay.com.

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Profile Image of Emily McIntyre

Emily McIntyre

Beverage and Travel Writer

Emily’s view of the world is rather fluid: this travel / beverage writer and copywriter is obsessed with craft beverages and the rituals that connect us through them. Learn more about her on her website or connect with her online.

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Profile Image of Beth Peppe

Beth Peppe

Lead Esthetician

I have spent the past 8 years practicing esthetics, and the last 6 years focusing only on waxing-all day, everyday! I have a passion for perfection in brow design, I love my job, love to chat, and love helping you feel confident and beautiful!!

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Profile Image of Aubrey Ament

Aubrey Ament

Musician and Designer

I am a designer and musician living in NE Portland with my guy, Will, and our puppy, Roux. We’re always in the mood for good beer, patio chatting and live music.

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Profile Image of Berlin Reed

The Ethical Butcher

Chef, Author

Berlin Reed is the butcher, chef and author behind the The Ethical Butcher. His practice is driven by community engagement, personal relationships with small local farmers, a deep love of food, respect for the animals we eat and the environment on which we depend. After training as a butcher in Brooklyn, he was based in Portland, OR for 2 years. He then began a life of continuous travel, bouncing around the continent as a community chef/butcher and learning about local food scenes everywhere.

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Profile Image of Tyler Stenson

Tyler Stenson

Singer Songwriter

Tyler is an arresting singer/songwriter of acoustic ‘elegant folk’ music that hints at comparison to songwriter greats such as James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Ryan Adams. While he has been locally recognized as the two-time ‘Songwriter of the Year’ by the Portland Songwriters Association (2007 and 2008) and ‘Best Male Artist’ at the 2011 Portland Music Awards, on the national stage, Stenson has received even more impressive praise from the top tier of the music industry.

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Profile Image of Kittee Berns

Kittee Berns

Vegan Blogger

Knee deep in Ethiopian food. Vegan forever/n/ever. Gluten freezer too.

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Profile Image of Mégan Pistils


Nursery Owner

Raised-up in Boise, Idaho, Mégan has an abiding passion for the Western frontier and all things nature. She has the heart of a cowgirl and the soul of a gardener. And although she loves living in Portland and running her small, mom-and-pop business here, she would almost always rather be riding horses on the range… especially painted ponies.

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