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Local expert guides to Rio de Janeiro

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Profile Image of Simone Almeida

Simone Almeida


Simone opened her Fogo Carioca restaurant in 2007, drawing attention from food critics and Cariocas, Rio’s locals. Her angle: cachaça flambèed dishes, with unique and exotic ingredients, so clients could have a true exploration in new flavors.

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Profile Image of Thiago Barros

Thiago Barros


Thiago is a journalist, living and working in Rio de Janeiro. He is passionate about football, music and video games.

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Profile Image of Marisa Paska

Marisa Paska

Yoga Teacher

Marisa is a certified yoga teacher and founder of Yoga Body Rio, a company that curates luxury yoga retreats and events in Brazil. She believes that incredible experiences, amazing yoga, unforgettable locations and pure joy are things best shared. She feels so lucky to get to spend time in the most amazing places and connect with incredible people and has made it her personal mission to bring international yoga to Brazil, and Brazilian Yoga to the world.

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Profile Image of Jocelina Paixao Fortes

Pink Chocolate Break


Hi my name is Jocelina. Visit my blog for your daily dose of fashion, beauty, DIY, life wisdom, chocolate and travel. I share my positive outlook on life and give the best fashion, beauty and chocolate tips!

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Profile Image of Helio Ricardo P. Borges

Rio Samba Dancer

Samba Dance Teacher

I am a Samba Dance Teacher in Rio de Janeiro and I teach this beautiful dance in a professional studio in Rio. After the basics, we head out and dance our feet off in the city’s best Samba bars.

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