The largest, cheapest and most authentic market in Rome

Located near the Vatican Museums, Mercato Trionfale is known for being one of the most inexpensive in Rome. It is often left out of guide books as it isn’t the most charming of Roman markets. The indoor market runs along both sides of Via Andrea Doria, offering several goods at very low prices.

Take an adventure off of the typical tourist path to immerse yourself into Roman life at the Trionfale Market. Here you will find a variety of clothing, housewares, fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, wine, and even breads. Just a little tip: the best bargains are found at Mercato Trionfale’s first stand on the corner of Via Andrea Doria and Largo Trionfale. This is a great place for some shopping after a trip to the Vatican.

Trionfale Market (Mercato Trionfale)
Via Andrea Doria 3, Rome

Phone: +39 06 3974 3501


Open Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-1:30pm

Categories: Art, Home décor, Gifts, Food, Antiques, Market, Flowers, Beverages

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