Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

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This is the official capital of the Mormon Church, so the first thing on your Salt Lake City travel guide may be the LDS Temple. But there’s more to Salt Lake City than religious attractions. Salt Lake City is a major hub for recreational activities like camping, hiking, mountain biking, rock-climbing, fishing, and boating. Downtown Salt Lake City is home to at least 20 art galleries and antiques shops, which you can visit free of charge on the third Friday of every month, during the city#s famous Gallery Stroll. Alcohol is expensive here, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun. The city’s nightlife is as lively as anywhere else.

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Top Highlights in Salt Lake City

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Cathedral of the Madeleine
Historic Roman Catholic church
Ball Maze. Clarke Planetarium
The first "pitless" digital dome planetarium in the USA
Foothill Cultural District: This is the Place Heritage Park, The Monument Café
The heart of Salt Lake City
Historic Temple Square:Christmas Lights
Utah's number one tourist attraction
Hogle Zoo
A major Salt Lake City attraction
Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Multi purpose entertainment and culture building
Liberty Park
The city's second-largest public park
Salt Lake City Public Library
Culture and beauty for everyone
The Bayou
Utah's premier beer bar and Cajun restaurant
The Beehive House
Historic home of a Mormon leader
The Living Planet Aquarium
A family adventure
Tracy Aviary
A bird paradise
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