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Remember the Alamo

The cradle of Texan liberty, San Antonio is more than a historic city. It boasts some of the nation’s finest museums, great amusement parks, fine dining, and lively pubs and bars. The Majestic Theatre is only the beginning of the city’s cultural highlights. If you want to see the city at its liveliest, San Antonio is best in February, when the temperature is as cool as the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Or better yet, go in late April, for a a 10-day city-wide, fun-filled, multi-cultural, family-oriented fiesta.

Antique ClockRachael Towne / CC BY 2.0

Back Alley Antiques

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Back Alley Antiques

The little antique shop that can

Stay Editor's Note

Back Alley Antiques is a cozy little shop where you can find that special item from bygone times for your home or office. The beautiful antique furnishings and other items on display here reflect the owner’s love for everything from fine china to cabinets and even quilts. The shop is definitely worth your time if you are in the area.

Patrons of Back Alley Antiques can choose from wardrobes, roll-top desks, tables, chairs, cabinets, pianos, and a vast array of items anyone would be proud to own. The shop is located in Artisans Alley too, so there’s plenty of other shopping at hand. Suggestions here include the shop’s superb collection of Fiesta-ware.

Back Alley Antiques
555 West Bitters Road San Antonio, San Antonio
+1 210 494 5902
Call for hours, open most days