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One of the hosts of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

An Alpha World City, São Paulo is busy, loud, crowded and… fascinating. One of the main hosts of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the city boasts a wealth of attractions, challenging visitors to discover its secrets. Since São Paulo likes to show off, there’s not much left hidden in the shadows. For most visitors, the ultimate São Paulo travel guide is full with activities and things to see. From Avenida Paulista to the shores of the Pinheiros and beyond, you’ll never have a dull moment in the world’s seventh largest city.

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    Drink up at All Black +Add

    All Black

    As Irish as Brazil gets
    Asterix Cervejaria +Add

    Asterix Cervejaria

    You can't go wrong
    The Blue Pub +Add

    The Blue Pub

    Chelsea or bust
    Bottega Paradiso +Add

    Bottega Paradiso

    A local hangout near the park
    Rockin at Kia Ora Pub +Add

    Kia Ora Pub

    Messages from down under
    Salsa at Rey Castro Cuban Bar +Add

    Rey Castro Cuban Bar

    Moving to the Latin beat
    Bar do Juarez +Add

    Bar do Juarez

    A new breed of old class
    Barretto could be the world's best bar +Add


    Maybe the best bar in the world
    Zur alten Mühle +Add

    Zur alten Mühle

    Deutschland come to Brazil
    Z Carniceria +Add

    Z Carniceria

    50's and proud of it
    Boogey at Sonique +Add


    If atmosphere strikes you as important
    Elymar Santos at Bar Brahma +Add

    Bar Brahma

    Sao Paulo's most famous hangout
    Skye Bar party +Add

    Skye Bar

    Uptown atop Hotel Unique
    Frangó +Add


    A snack and a bar
    Locals' Pick
    Astronete +Add


    A compelling, intriguing, and beguiling bar
    Locals' Pick
    Welcome to a Loca +Add

    A Lôca

    Almost Hotel California, almost
    Pirajá patron +Add


    Sao Paulo's most appealing local bar
    Empanada´s +Add


    A near perfect little local spot
    Outside All of Jazz +Add

    All of Jazz

    Top notch jazz, middle of the road service
    Café Piu-Piu +Add

    Café Piu-Piu

    A hip spot to snack, drink, and enjoy samba
    Bar Astor +Add


    One of the world's best bars
    Outside Bar Secreto +Add

    Bar Secreto

    So secret it hurts the uninvited
    Drosophyla +Add


    A funky little bit of chic
    Republic Pub +Add

    Republic Pub

    England come to South America
    Bar Exquisito! +Add

    Bar Exquisito!

    A crowded little local cafe bar
    Posto 6 +Add

    Posto 6

    Football, on the walls
    Cheers at Laje Club +Add

    Laje Club

    Trendy and popular nights out
    Bar Charles Edward +Add

    Bar Charles Edward

    A bar that can
    Kabul +Add


    Not pretentious
    Si Señor and more +Add

    Si Señor

    Great local hangout
    Água Doce Cachaçaria +Add

    Água Doce Cachaçaria

    Yo, ho, ho, and a million kinds of rum
    Menys +Add


    For a touch of class
    Gillan's Inn +Add

    Gillan's Inn

    Not medieval England, but close
    Geribá +Add


    A best bet for food and drink
    The Pub +Add

    The Pub

    A nice neighborhood dive
    Coffeelab +Add


    Scientifically proven, great tasting
    Locals' Pick
    Underground like Suíte Savalas +Add

    Suíte Savalas

    A cool as hot Sao Paulo gets
    Inside Caos +Add


    Part bar, part antique shop, part junkyard
    Bar Muzzetto +Add

    Bar Muzzetto

    All things to all people hunting local hangouts
     Cervejaria Nacional +Add

    Cervejaria Nacional

    Brewery and beer bar
    Sampa Beer Tour +Add

    Sampa Beer Tour

    No. 1 brewer tour of Sao Paulo
    Locals' Pick
     Sinnatrah +Add


    Locals' Pick
     MR. Beer +Add

    MR. Beer

    A gourmet space with specialty beers
    Locals' Pick
    Nespresso Expertize Centre +Add

    Nespresso Expertise Centre

    Coffee education center and coffee bar
    Locals' Pick
    Artilheiros +Add


    Probably the best sports bar in Vila Madalena
    Boteco São Bento +Add

    Boteco São Bento

    Great sports bar
    Casa do Espeto +Add

    Casa do Espeto

    Beer garden and sports bar
     Hooters +Add


    20 42-inch TVs great to watch football matches
    O’Malley’s +Add


    Irish sports bar
    Casa Club Hostel Bar +Add

    Casa Club Hostel Bar

    Hostel bar in São Paulo
    Locals' Pick
    Partisans Pub +Add

    Partisans Pub

    Great beers, lively atmosphere
    Locals' Pick
    Dona Teresa +Add

    Dona Teresa

    Bar and restaurant
    Locals' Pick
     Circus Pub +Add

    Circus Pub

    For beer connoisseurs
    Locals' Pick