Local expert guides to St. Louis

Local expert guides to St. Louis

Stay.com local experts in St. Louis

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Christine Sarmiento

Food Stylist and Photographer

Chris has been a stylist in the St. Louis area for over 17 years. Before starting to freelance in 2005, she worked as a full time staff photo, fashion and food stylist.

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Profile Image of Dacy Gillespie


Personal Stylist

Dacy Gillespie is a St. Louis-based personal stylist, helping clients let go of parts of clothes that are no longer working, find the perfect pieces to fill the holes, and put it all together in a wardrobe of great outfits. Her philosophy is that less is more, quality beats quantity, and that knowing your personal style will save time in the short run and money in the long run. She also runs the mindful closet blog which shares styling and wardrobe tips.

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Profile Image of Cristina Drafta

Cristina Drafta


I am an addicted photographer, and a traveler passionate about the world. I write for Argophilia and other travel sites, and I like to use Stay.com to plan my trips. Hopefully, you can use my guides to plan yours too.

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Profile Image of Huckleberry Finn Youth Hostel

Huckleberry Finn

Youth Hostel

Owners Thomas & Sheela Cochran started The Huckleberry Finn Youth Hostel in 1975 to support travel and tourism in Saint Louis, Missouri and points West.

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