St. Petersburg

St petersburg

Truly breathtaking

St Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a stunning cityscape of cathedrals, towers and gilded domes. There is no other place so astoundingly breathtaking – you’ll feel like walking through a live museum, where the baroque rules supreme. Life pulses in St Petersburg, although the slow-paced rural atmosphere dominates. The experience is completed by chic shops and cafés, stunning art collections, music and theater.

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Top Highlights in St. Petersburg

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At Borey Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Russian and international art
Dvortsovaia Ploshchad' (Palace Square)
Beautiful royal grounds
Dvortsovyi Most (Palace Bridge)
Historic drawbridge
The State Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace
One of the world's finest art collections
Hermitage Museum Store
A memorable souvenir
Moscow Triumphal Gate on Moskovskiy Prospect
Historic Soviet district
Museum of Russian Political History
Historic and politically relevant museum
Famous country estate
Petropavlovskaia Krepost' (Peter and Paul Fortress)
The historic heart of St. Petersburg
St. Isaac's Cathedral (Isaakevsky Sobor)
A mighty part of the city skyline
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