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Profile Image of Leila Lindholm

Leila Lindholm

Celebrity chef

I’m a chef with a passion for creating beautiful things. I had my own tv shows, wrote books about cupcakes and dinners, opened restaurants in New York and Sweden, and love working on my own online store, www.leilasgeneralstore.com, for kitchen and home products.

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Profile Image of Magnus Albrektsson

Magnus Albrektsson

Chef and Food Professional

I’m a chef and owner of Albrektsson Gastronomic AB where we organize cooking courses and private and corporate catering. I’m a devoted traveller, and a food and wine lover. Sports, music and downhill skiing are my great passions.

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Profile Image of Alexander Ruas

Alexander Ruas

Barista Champion

Alexander Ruas works at Drop Coffee Roasters, an award winning roastery with the focus on creating a great tasting sustainable grown and traded coffee.

He is a Barista Champion, and has served and talked about specialty coffee at events like TED Talks, the Nobel Prize Awards, and hosted “The Coffee School” on Swedish TV-channel TV4.

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Profile Image of Stefan Nilsson

Stefan Nilsson

Sweden’s most active Trend Expert

I’m constantly scouting phenomena and trends within interior design, product design, fashion, food and all the other things we dream of. I regularly appear on Swedish television and am the owner of Trend and PR agency Trendgruppen.

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Profile Image of Emma Sundh

Emmas Vintage

Journalist, Stylist

I’m a fashion journalist, blogger, stylist and writer, living in Stockholm. I love sailors, 1950’s, cats, France, thrift and of course vintage. I collect trunks, old magazines and vintage dresses.

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Profile Image of Emma Ostergren

Emma Ostergren

Model, blogger, fashion designer

I’m a 20 something girl from Stockholm who loves nature and cooking. I’ve been a full-time model since the age of 16, I have travelled around the world and have been based in Cape Town and Stockholm for the past 6 years. I’m the founder and designer of www.emmaoclothing.se and blogger of www.emma.metromode.se. My mantra? All good things are wild and free.

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Profile Image of Camelia's Cupcakes

Camelia's Cupcakes

Cupcake Chef

I’m a cupcake chef and I’m running my own cupcake catering business. I create cupcakes and cakes for weddings and big events, such as MTV, Stockholm Film Festival and the Fashion week. My mission is to bring mouth-watering and scrumptious cupcakes to the city of Stockholm!

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Profile Image of Romana Colleare

Romana Correale

Handbag designer

I’m the founder and designer of Romana Correale. I live in both Siena and Stockholm. Besides making handmade luxury leather bags, I teach visual arts in Stockholm.

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Profile Image of Erica Wigge

Erica Wigge

Nordiska Kompaniet

My name is Erica Wigge, and I work for the Swedish Department Store Nordiska Kompaniet. I love shopping, restaurants and winter sports while not exploring the world as a tourist myself.

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Profile Image of Erika Henell


Beauty and Fashion Blogger

I’m a 20-something year old fashion-loving graphic designer, living together with my boyfriend in a cozy apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m running a small design bureau together with some amazing people, where we create everything from personal art to logo design and graphic identity.

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Profile Image of Stockholm Ghost Walks Tours

Stockholm Ghost Walk

Tour Guide

Hi, I’m Peter! I have been to many cities around the world but Stockholm is always in my heart. I’m the owner of Stockholm Ghost Walk and we tell thousands of travelers the story of Stockholm every year, in an interesting and entertaining way.

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Profile Image of Free Wifi Guy Stay Editor

Free Wifi Guides

Helping you get connected!

Check your email, upload those photos, get your Facebook fix, and – of course – sync your guides!

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Profile Image of Andreas Wilson

Andreas Wilson

Juicebar owner and actor

I’m the owner of Juiceverket - the real juice and smoothie bar in Stockholm. Besides enjoying healthy juices, smoothies and sandwiches, I’m an actor.

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Profile Image of Noemi Ivanova

Noemi Ivanova

Fashion Designer

I’m a lingerie designer for my own brand Made by Noemi, based in Stockholm and I follow the idea that everything that is beautiful also has to be functional and possible to enjoy in daily life. I’ve a great passion for interior design and with my roots in Russia, Chile and Stockholm I’ve a great love for traveling too.

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Profile Image of Maxinne Björk

Maxinne Björk

Nightclub Manager

Maxinne is the nightclub manager at Hell’s Kitchen. On her blog, she shows you her part of the world, her work and her everyday life. Combined with lots of humor and fashion, of course.

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Profile Image of Jacob Wismar

Jacob Wismar

Author and inspirer

I’m an entrepreneur, creative strategist, inspirer and author. Our blog FABFAMILY inspires those who want to enrich your family life. Our focus is on food, health, design, success and everything else for those who appreciate the little extras in life.

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Profile Image of Andreas Moe

Andreas Moe

Singer Songwriter

I’m Andreas Moe, and I’m a Swedish singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist.

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Profile Image of Claudia van Tunen


World Traveler

World Traveler | Stay.com Content & Community Manager | Holistic Nutrition | Early Morning Yogini | Vegetarian |

Creator of Stay.com guides focusing on budget trips and health conscious travels.

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Profile Image of Mia van Staden

Mia Angeli Bei

Make-up Artist

I’m a make-up artist in Stockholm. I work with all kinds of people in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry, and love helping women regain their self-esteem or self-confidence through makeup. I was born in South Africa and love traveling.

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Profile Image of Nikola Liptakova

Nikola Liptakova

Art Expert

Nikola is an art expert who works at the Panoptikon, Fotografins Hus, in Stockholm. She studied in Ostrava and Brno, and moved to Stockholm in 2013.

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Profile Image of Film Guy Stay Editor

Stay Editors

The best movie, music and book spots

And… action!

Your Stay.com editors take you to the best spots from the movies and books. Get the guide and visit the best film and literature locations, all over the world.

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