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Local expert guides to Tokyo

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Profile Image of Michael Glenn

Michael Glenn

Yoga Teacher

Michael is a 21-year resident of Tokyo. The owner of Yoga Tree in Hiroo, he teaches classes 6 days a week. In addition to his daily yoga practice, he runs, cycles and enjoys keeping a harmonious and simple lifestyle in the center of one of the busiest cities on earth.

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Profile Image of Ayuko Buddha Bellies

Buddha Bellies

Cooking School Owner and Instructor

Ayuko has been trained as a professional chef, trained by one of the famous Japanese Kaiseki style cuisine schools in Japan and loves traveling.

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Profile Image of Matthew Amster-Burton

Matthew Amster-Burton


Matthew Amster-Burton is the author of Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo and cohost of the hit podcast Spilled Milk. He has written for Gourmet, the Wall Street Journal, and the Seattle Times, and has been featured in the Best Food Writing anthology repeatedly.

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Profile Image of Benjamin Parks

Benjamin Parks


Originally from Canada, Benjamin specializes in portraits and still-life, and works on advertising, corporate and editorial assignments. His clients include Facebook, Ferrari, Casio, United Colors of Benetton, Meiji University, Rolls Royce, as well as many international magazines. He loves working with clients on all stages of a project: planning, scheduling, casting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, retouching, and everything else.

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Profile Image of Hideki Sakomizu

Hideki Sakomizu

Singer Songwriter

Hideki Sakomizu is a Japanese artist who has performed all over the world. Today, he is back in Tokyo doing what he loves most: performing as a singer songwriter.

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Profile Image of Sandra Tokyo

Sandra - Tokyo Stroller

Family Blogger

Hi, I am a wife and mother living in Tokyo. I founded Tokyo Stroller after the birth of my son in 2011. I realised there was very little information available in English on baby and kid-friendly places in Japan so I decided to create Tokyo Stroller to share the information with other parents. I hope it helps!

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Profile Image of Andrew Curry

Andrew Curry


Andrew is a photographer and Blue Bottle Cafe manager based in Tokyo.

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Profile Image of Sian Mei Yeoh

Sian Mei Yeoh

a foodie. sometimes a travelling foodie

• foodie • caffeine enthusiast • wishful traveler • polaroid love • avid instragram-er • considers chicago as her second home • writer of food & travel blog, citylights by sians •

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Profile Image of Hikaru Komura

Hikaru Komura

Craft & Gift Shop Owner

UGUiSU started as an online store of carefully curated Japanese craft & design by Hikaru Komura who is also known as Hiki, with the intention of introducing pieces of her native Japan to the world.

All of our items are Japanese made and/or designed and have been carefully handpicked with the aim of showcasing quality Japanese craft & design, except the “via Tokyo” section where you can find beautifully designed and/or handcrafted items by designers and artists from all over the world.

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Profile Image of Minato Kisaburo

Minato Kisaburo

Hostel Owner

Minato Kisaburo is the owner of the Kimi Ryokan budget hotel in Tokyo. A ryokan is a traditional Japanese Inn, with tatami on the floor, futons instead beds and a sense of peacefullness and beauty. Located in Ikebukuro, in the center of Tokyo on the Yamanote line, his ryokan is the perfect base to discover the city.

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Profile Image of Tonya Ogino

Tonya Ogino

Raw Food Chef and Vegan

Tonya Ogino is a raw food chef from Kiev who previously suffered from a range of health problems and was 10 kg heavier before committing to this lifestyle. Currently, she promotes a high-carb, low fat, raw vegan lifestyle in Tokyo.

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