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Design. cool as a nepal ice.

Studio JUX creates fashion that you can wear proudly. Dutch design made of stylish and innovative materials. With an eye for detail. Like an unexpected colour detail or a special story. Chunky cardigans are hand knitted by Nepali ladies in a women empowerment project. And the beautiful dresses are made of wood. Studio JUX even runs its own workshop in Nepal to offer you the best possible fashion: with respect for people, planet and style.

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Studio JUX's Guide to the coolest fashion gems in Amsterdam
Jan 2, 2013
Amsterdam may be a small city, but it's actually a funky shopper's heaven. Small and cozy gift shops, designer fashion, second hand markets: we've got it all!

We're happy to show you our secret spots for fashion, home and gifts shopping. A cool mix of sustainable, ...

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