A landmark inlet

False Creek is so named because it isn’t a creek, but appears to be one. It’s actually a narrow inlet stretching in from the ocean and it separates Vancouver into two areas, downtown and the rest of the city. Two bridges span it, the Granville and Cambie bridges, both of which allow a good look.

False Creek is actually fairly polluted, thanks to an antique sewage system that spilled waste into the water, along with factories that polluted it over the years. While the city is working to fix the damage done by these problems, it’s taking time for the wildlife to return to the area.

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Peaceful harbour, perfect for boating under Vancouver bridges and a great place to enjoy fabulous views of the city.

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False Creek
False Creek, Vancouver

Phone: 604-257-8195

Website: vancouver.ca/parks/cc/falsecreek

Open Hours: 24 hours

Category: Landmark

Price: Free

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