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Profile Image of Calycanthus Calycanthus

La Cucina di Calycanthus

Two friends and a photographer

We’re Marie, Maite and our photographer and together we'ere Calycanthus: is a cooking diary. We represent a great mix of Italy, France and Spain. Our kitchen philosophy is all about curiosity and passion.

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Profile Image of Jason Spiehler

Walks of Italy

Award-winning Tour Guide

I’m a tour guide and art historian with a Master’s degree from Yale in Historical Theology. I’m in love with ancient history, art history, theology, philosophy and love the cultural travel experiences all around the world!

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Profile Image of Alessandro De Lorenzo


Eyewear Designer

I’m the Boudoir eyewear designer and gallery owner. We offer eyewear by famous designers, as well as frames by “niche” designers.

We offer frames by Taseo, Tom Davies, BLAC, Lindberg, and partners with Ciba Vision for contact lenses; Hoya lens, Carl Zeiss and Essilor for quality eyewear lenses.

In addition, we also organize exhibitions, presentations of whole collections of rare glasses, and vernissages with artists.

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Profile Image of Mauro Meneghetti

Mauro Meneghetti


I am Mauro Meneghetti, wine director of La Montecchia restaurant in Selvazzano Dentro (PD). I spent the last nineteen years working in the dining room of our restaurant and with great success: we started off with passion and slowly turned this golf club lounge into a Michelin star restaurant. Now we serve the finest Italian wines, with a special focus on wines from Veneto and nearby Colli Euganei.

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Profile Image of Antonio Massarutto Sculture

Antonio Massarutto Sculture


Antonio Massarutto is an artist-explorer working as a professional designer in Italy. An all-round sculptor, he moves easily from one material to another. Lines and forms play a crucial role in his universe.

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Profile Image of Fabiana Corami

Fabiana Corami

Gluten-Free Blogger

I used to spend my time as a biologist before becoming a wife and mother. Eventually, I discovered I was unable to eat gluten, dairy, and many other foods. I took over control of my life by means of my kitchen and have been sharing my dining experiences and recipes with others ever since!

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Profile Image of Marco Secchi

Marco Secchi


I am an Italian, English speaking, professional photographer providing images for the news, editorial and advertising markets. My link with Venice goes back to my childhood, I am very passionate about the city and the lagoon, I probably know every hidden court or secret spot. I love Venetian history, art, architecture and modern social issues.

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Profile Image of Giovanna Venice

Venice Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Our goal is to see things through your eyes and make sure that your special day is unique. We’ll create a wedding that will reflect your style and your taste, thanks to the wide range of services. We are proud to be an efficient and creative team, each of us with their own background, talents, experiences and knowledge.

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Profile Image of Patrizia & Samanta Fiorenza

Godi Fiorenza

Fashion designers

The Fiorenza sisters, Patrizia Fiorenza; Fashion Designer and Samanta Fiorenza; Accessories and Jewellery Designer are born and bred Londoners with Venetian and Abruzzese backgrounds. Their boutique/atelier, Godi Fiorenza, is situated in the heart of Venice, opening its doors in March ’99, when the designers decided to launch their own label. Their creations are a modern response to tradition techniques, combining design with artisanal know how.

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Profile Image of Film Guy Stay Editor

Stay Editors

The best movie, music and book spots

And… action!

Your Stay.com editors take you to the best spots from the movies and books. Get the guide and visit the best film and literature locations, all over the world.

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Profile Image of Carlotta Benedetti

Little Kitchen World

Architect & Food Blogger

I’m an architect and food blogger. My blog Little Kitchen World is about food and travel for children. I run a cooking school for children called The Little Kitchen, together with Daniela. We published a book called “Questo l’ha fatto il mio bimbo”: recipes from all around the world and beautiful stories.

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Profile Image of Kristin Flood

Kristin Flood

Writer & Journalist

Born to a Norwegian father and Italian mother, I grew up in Norway where I started my career as a journalist and writer. Twenty years ago I moved to Venice to work as a correspondent for the main national Norwegian newspaper. Living here has made me understand why famous writers have been drawn to the city and I love to present Venice through events, Writer’s walks, writing workshops and Silent Retreats in a monastery.

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Profile Image of Francesca Basile

Francesca Basile

The Passionate Art Expert

Philosopher and art expert by training, I was born and raised in Parma and now I work and live in the wonderful Venice. I’ve been working for Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venetian Heritage, Nexa. My last adventure? Biennale D'Arte 2013, a true success. Contemporary and Japanese art are my passions, as well as medicine, dogs, neuroscience… I almost get no sleep!

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Profile Image of Officine  904

Officine 904

Architecture and fashion shock

Fashion, Art, Architecture, Design: creativity has no boundaries. Our brand focuses on simple shapes and simple materials, mixing architecture and fashion. In our Venice store you can find bags with an essential design, colourful and handmade in Italy, with a special and unique packaging.

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