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Warsaw has changed a lot since the fall of the Soviet bloc – the city swanks a dazzling skyline of skyscrapers and luxury hotels that shade the gloomy communist architecture still standing everywhere. The Old Town, rebuild after WWII, is now a thriving center of cultural significance. Warsaw is an important scene for fashionistas too, with chic boutiques and luxury shopping. The cuisine is exquisite – a mix of Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, German and Jewish influences.

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Top Highlights in Warsaw

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Cruise ship to Serock
Tours to a historic city
Koneser Vodka Distillery
Culture center in a former distillery
Mermaid Statue
The long-standing symbol of Warsaw
 Museum of the Mazovian Countryside
Beautiful ethnographic park and City Hall
Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum
The largest collection of narrow gauge rolling stocks in Poland
National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe)
The largest art museum in Poland
Royal Castle (Zamek Królewski)
A monument of Polish history and culture
Ruins of the Mazovian Dukes' Castle in Czersk
Relive the glorious history of the area
Warsaw ZOO
Fun for everyone
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