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Abu Dhabi is the pearl of the United Arab Emirates and home of the royal family (Al Nahyan). A modern island city, it offers spectacular skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and a shopping experience that would keep the most dedicated shopaholic busy for years. Like any major metropolis, it is a city that never sleeps, but it is also a hub of culture. Arabic poetry, dances and music are promoted enthusiastically, and you can also witness sports that have archaic origins, like camel racing and dhow sailing.

Al Maqtaa Fort

Al Maqtaa Fort

Famous Guardian of the marina

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Guardian of the marina Editors' Note

The 200-year old Al Maqtaa Fort is one of the most enigmatic old sights in Abu Dhabi. At the time it was built, Abu Dhabi was little more than a small fishing and trading port, and the isolated fort was used as a defence against bandits.

Today, Al Maqtaa Fort has been somewhat neglected, which is a shame as it’s one of the oldest structures in the city, and the intricate architecture is well worth preserving. It’s also difficult to reach Al Maqtaa Fort, as it’s located not on the mainland but on a small rocky island at the mouth of the Khor al Maqta. The majority of visitors just head to the Maqtaa Bridge to snap a few photos of this sadly-underused architectural gem.

Al Maqtaa Fort
Al Maqtaa Fort, Al Maqtaa Bridge, Abu Dhabi