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Nightlife is, as expected, lively - but the city boasts a romantic charm you cannot find anywhere else. The most popular attraction is often would be the beautiful and historic Castle of Santa Barbara. Outdoor recreation is available in the city as well, but it’s best enjoyed in the neighborhood villages. For instance, the Candelabra Cave, 24 km north of Alicante, boasts one of the highest vaults of Spain. In June, don’t miss “Las Hogueras de San Juan,” the most important festival in the city.

Isla de TabarcaWikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0
Isla de TabarcaWikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Isla de Tabarca

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Isla de Tabarca

Charming island, with many historic attractions

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Isla de Tabarca is a must see: the largest inhabited island in the Valencian Community, less than 11 miles south-east of Alicante. The island offers an ideal refuge for those who prefer a more quiet environment for their vacations.

Isla de Tabarca (officially Isla Plana o Nueva Tabarca) boasts breathtaking landscapes, golden beaches, and second-to-none rural hospitality. Ideally, taste the local fish specialties, particularly the caldero. There are other mouthwatering dishes you shouldn’t miss: just pick a restaurant (any) and ask for the day’s special. The food is always fresh and sourced locally.

Isla de Tabarca
Isla Plana o Nueva Tabarca, Alicante