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Described by many as a village, Amsterdam packs the cultural punch of a city many times its size. While still retaining a bit of a ‘sex, drugs and rock 'n’ roll' reputation, Amsterdam is now more about being a ‘creative city’ where the high standards set by such Golden Age painters as Rembrandt are maintained. The city has become a global hub for art, design, architecture and advertising, but one where all its attractions are just a short and scenic bike ride away.

IMG_1147Karri Huhtanen / CC BY 2.0
Artis_StegoMarkus Keuter / CC BY 2.0
herra leijonaAnssi Koskinen / CC BY 2.0
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Uploaded by Jeremy



Famous The first zoo on mainland Europe

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Rena Noordermeer

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Experience nature right in the city of Amsterdam. Here you can stroll through the zoo and admire the diversity of plants and animals. A welcome escape from the sometimes overcrowded streets of Amsterdam.

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The first zoo on mainland Europe Editors' Note

Artis is the third oldest zoo in the world and it provides a great day out for children and adults. Along with the usual animals, Artis has an indoor ‘rainforest’ for nocturnal creatures and a 120-year-old aquarium that includes a simulated Amsterdam canal.

The zoo expanded a couple of years ago after a long battle for extra land, and now features a savannah that wraps around a light-infused restaurant. The narration in the planetarium is in Dutch, but an English translation is available.

Further extras include a geological museum, a zoological museum, an aquarium and, for kids, a petting zoo and playgrounds; you could easily spend all day here. And while there’s no guarantee, staff will often let you hang out long after closing hours.

Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam
+31 900 2784796
Open Summer 9am-6pm daily. Winter 9am-5pm daily.